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Post  SawadaTsunayoshi on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:27 pm

Name: Natsu. Surname unknown

Age: 16

Race: Human

Homeworld: Earth

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Black Hair same hair as him,
Eye colour Dark Brown almost black, skin colour mixed raced/taned,
height 5'8, body type avarge with muscle i.e six pack, scars/wounds none, clothing Depends on situation/day, bandages none.)

Weapons: Katana white handle with a black blade and red with red rim which can conduct elemental powers i.e Fire, Lighting.

Two Desert Eagles using normal bullets, Flame/Lightning coated bullets. Special abilty to fire small portals but portals can only work if
there is another portal to link to.

Powers/Skills: Control over Fire and Lighting. Able to manipulate surrounding fire and lighting sources.
Highly resistent to fire but not lightning. Advanced in hand to hand combat and weapon weilding.

Personality: Laid back, joker, smart but only when he wants. Trys to avoid unecessary combat unless wanting to spar or mess about.
Dislikes laboratories, and forced experiments.

Bio/History: Born on Earth in England but was seperated from perants at birth and taken to Japan. Grew up and lived in a hi-tec
laboratory were he was experimented on, trained in hand to hand and weaponary combat to fight and kill.
Ihanced physical features i.e inhanced muscles increasing strengh, fitness, speed, agility and increased resistance to pain.
(Compared to a normal human). Grew up along side another experimentee by the name of Kaiden. Kaiden is also like (Natsu) seperated from
perants at birth. Zero thinks of him as his older brother with him being 17.
They haven't seen eachover since the laboratory was destoryed and the experimentees set free by a group of people who disigreed
in human experiments. After the laboratory was destoryed Natsu was only 13 so he wondered Japan for a year getting to know the country he
grew up in but never got to see before leaving the Earth were he then traveled to "Evil Acadamy"

Religious: Believes in one god who started the time and space that is all.

RolePlay Sample:
~Well I guess I've got nothing better to do than stay in this stupid bell tower and laze about all day and anyway the sky looks nice
and calm tonight.* Natsu moved towards the edge of the bell tower and jumped on to the near by pole and preceded to slide down the pole
till he reached the bottem* Hmm the Bell tower seems taller from down here well anyway time to wonder the streets. *Natsu spent the next
hours walking around the town through allies and parks before stopping to sit down at a bench where he was joined by a girl* Why'd she
have to sit here? Well I should make some conversation with her, err lets start with "Hi, What you doing out at this time of night".~
* Actions
" Direct Speech


Theme Song: Fade - Born Ready -
Items: A chain dog tag with nothing written on it
Sexual Orientation: Hertrosexual
Crushes/Love Interest: Currently None
Likes: Food Chicken, Noodles, Cake. Colours Black, Blue(Dark/baby), Red. All types of music
Dislikes: Broccoli,
Character Number: 1


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