Character: Lucas Branford

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Character: Lucas Branford

Post  Meteora on Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:30 am

b]Name:[/b] Lucas Branford

Age: 17

Race: mix,Half demon: demonic mother, human father

Homeworld: Earth, nowhere specific

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Clothing consists of: black demin jeans, red T-shirt, black/white button shir unbuttoned. appearance: Caucasian skin, Aqua-green eyes (flickers red.) fit, roughly 12 stone, long light brown hair ( just hitting his neck) faint scars trailing down his left arm. height;5'11".

Weapons: Sword, specifcally a longsword . can be morphed into other weapons by powers shown below (note, the weapons are within reasons, as in other close combat weapons, not guns etc.)

Powers/Skills: His powers mainly stem from his mother. He is able to use non elemental and lightning magic in different ways. the drawback is that the use of these drain his souls lifeforce. Although it does eventually recover over a period of time, he can kill his mortal body by overextending it. His main powers are:

Weapon transformation: can change his weapons appearance and use, can create projectile daggers from magic. THis is usually the least taxing, most used attacks stem from this.

Non elemental: he can create large bursts/ waves that explode on impact. can also focus this into his weapon to fire slashes. Usually taxing, shows signs of fatigue if used to regularly.

Lightning:This allows him to channel energy in electrical magic. Can be used to power attacks or to increase his speed. Easily the most taxing on his body, a 5 minute cooldown period right after useage. At the same time, its extremely letal, it can cause nerve damage upon impact with an opponents body.

Personality: shy and standoffish, he is slightly anti-social, prefering to stay by himself. Stemming from abuse from his father, he is extremely rebellious towards authoritarian figures, especially males. However, upon befriending him, he can be quite a nice guy.

Bio/History: Born in an outcast family, His mother abandoned him as soon as he was born-forcing his father to care for him.His father(a spiritually aware human),knowing it was his childs fault for his mother leaving, and her later death-killed for hybrid breeding, subjected him to years of emotional and physical abuse. At this time, he also trained him- hopfully to kill those who took the boys mother. Eventually the boy turned on him and attacked, barely leaving him alive. this was when he was transfered into the academy.

Religious: He lacks the emotional attactment to believe in a deity, however, he does not question others beliefs, due to the fact he doesnt exactly care.

RolePlay Sample:
Slow waves crashed against the lakes levees, Moonlight lit the long winding pathway leading to the extreme school, "Evil academy". It was a place of undoubted and powerful warriors, wise, old scholars and young students, tapping into unending potential.

Soon enough, another would be joining their ranks. Perhaps he could be among the strongest? Maybe he'll die on his second day? Only those which exist outside time can know at this point. Beginning his ascent towards the Academy, the boy quickly increased his pace. Sighing a soft sigh, he arrived without breaking a sweat.

Entering the gates, the boy withdrew to his ususal demeanor-an uncaring, nonchalant face. He was never good with people so he just repelled them, like magnets. His left hand itched, along the faint scars splashed across it-a byproduct of his "training", but the boy knew:nothings gained without bloodshed,something his damned father beat into him on a dayly basis.

Upon reaching the main office, the boy allowed him to smirk-a rare occurance. He knew he'd found it; a new home, away from him, away from the memories.


Theme Song: Otherworld, FFX ost
Items: Plain black bagpack, notepad, human essentals, His sword. A white gold necklace. This helps him limit his useage of his soul.
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
Crushes/Love Interest: none, maybe develop one.
Likes:Most food, specifically noodles. Tends to enjoy mostly alt rock genre music.
Dislikes:Ignorance, overconfident people. Large crowds, he fidgets.


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