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Character Skeleton

Post  BrokenMarionette on Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:49 pm

Please create your characters as soon as possible so the HeadMaster can see through them and advance you as a Academy student, also if you wish to become a Teacher, please Private Message KriiVanWinters Aka OverLord Dross (HeadMaster) on why you wish to become a teacher as well as the character description in the "Teachers character thread"

Here is where you can find the skeleton in order to make your character, please fill it out as best as you can, and please add some detail to it. If you haven’t posted in the Arrivals board, please do so before you make a character. We would really like to stress the fact that your very first character profile is your first and biggest impression on this site. It is very important that you show us your best RP'ing skills and your understanding of this site.

To make a character go to Character Creation, once there head to Characters, there you will find a list of members characters on which you can inspect and gather infomation to help you, or to just investigate thus far what thier character is about, AFTER going on Characters go to NEW TOPIC and start ceating. Once a character has been created wait for a Admins approval, once the character is approved you can get started on the lessons as well as special events.

Credit goes to Krii for the Character Skeleton Smile

Age: (Students can be 6 to 18)
Race: (Human? Demon? Use your imagination)
Homeworld: (If any)
Occupation: (Student or Teacher?)
Appearance: (This includes hair, eyes, skin colour, height, body type, scars/wounds, clothing, bandages. ect. ect.)
Weapons: (Any and all, please leave a description but do not leave it overpowered THERE MUST BE A BALANCE)
Personality: (Give a brief description)
Religious: (If they are at all, and if so. Please describe what they beleive in and how they conduct thier ceramony. Don't forget it could be anything from the imagination. NOTHING HOLY! THIS IS A PLACE OF EVIL!)
RolePlay Sample: (Where you give an example of how you roleplay and to see what level you are at, speak about your character or place them in a short scenario it should be AT LEAST a Paragraph or longer)


Theme Song: (Place the name or link to your characters Theme Song here)
Items: (Trinkets, bags ect. ect.)
Sexual Orientation:
Crushes/Love Interest: (If they are in love with another character please tell us who and the relation)
Likes: (Anything your character likes? Like colours, food, or music?)
Dislikes: (Anything your character don't like? Like flowers, a type of food, etc)

Character Number: You are only allowed 1-5 studence for a single member, do not create a amount which you can not handle, or they WILL be expelled for not being used.

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