Dr. Massas's characters

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Dr. Massas's characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:58 pm

b]Name: Massas Sterben[/b]
Age: 1428
Race: A mixture of Demon and his own creation, Nobodicarvi.
Homeworld: The Planet ship know as the FA-L3, a ship that floats through space without power.
Occupation: Teacher of Genetics.
Appearance: Massas is bald with two short horns growing from his skull, he has a symbol on his forhead representing a third eye, his eyes pupils are black with a yellow iris, the eyeball itself is also black rather then white, his skin colour is somewhat of an undead humans, tinted blue. his body height just borders 6'2 foot, he has an equalized body in height too strength build, that of a common adult male. The only scar he has ever obtained was from his pupil (he had one) on the FA-L3, a slash that starts at his upper left pectoralis major and runs down diagnol to his left lower abdominal region. his clothes consist of cargo shorts that stop on/above his knees, large metal bracers on his arms which go from a fingerless glove point to his elbow, no shirt however a sleevelss jacket is on, he wears metal padded boots as well and bandages up his legs. his signature clothing are his goggles which he almost always has on.

Weapons: Massas believes weapons are for inferior beings of lesser races and uses his body as his weapon, head-horns-fists and feet.

Powers/Skills: Unlike others of his species he has no specific powers, but a mnixture of weaker powers, his healing factor is very high due to his daily exposure to the dangerous experiments he does, he keeps a satchel in his classroom filled with specific abilities for when he's showing others what he can create, he also has a somewhat increaser physical strength capacity and mental capacity, his brain differs from others so the signals within cannot be read by mental telepaths.

Personality: (Give a brief description) Massas is a psychotic creator of pure power, he would love nothing more than to disect his students and modify them for their own good, his lessons have a habit of turning into practicals on multible creatures he brings in, he is a flawed comedian which means he has a habit of using really bad jokes, or ones only he would understand, the most interesting part to his personality is his love of flowers. He also jumps subject alot when it comes to experiments.

Bio/History: Massas grew up on a dead spaceship, the interior was littered with bits and pieces of machinery that a species longe extinct had created, and Massas was one of the first to put it to use, he doesn't know of parents nor which species created his, and this drives him to created as many failed new creatures until he discovers how to remake his own, through this he decided to get a student to join him and together they created the nobodicarvi, a deadly race which is currently hiding on multiple planets, during an experiment he created a rift that brought him to this academy, where he immediatly decided being a teacher was the best thing to do.

Religious: None.

RolePlay Sample: (Massas during his experiment with his student that led him here)

Massas was not enjoying the feeling of multiple syringes piercing his skin, but he endured it for the sake of his experiment.
"Today Vincent....today I clone myself....my genetic structure broken down and rebuilt into a new one, an exact copy. Heh. Mabye he will be as handsome as me eh?" Massas took his humour in stride, the feeling of failure was not something he wanted today, another day perhaps, but this was special to him.

(Vincent complains about the work he has to do and coping with two Massas's)

"Oh my boy, you've learned many a thing from me; Apathy, the study of the Nobodicarvi, the F.r.e.a.k Theorum, i'm sure you can manage coping with me and...me" Massas replied as he enjoyed watching his students facial expression of agony at being reminded of what he's learned.
"Remember Vincent, yellow is first then the code, then Blue....otherwise you'll probably kill me"

(Vincent makes a sarcastic homicide joke)

"Shut up and do it" Massas replied, observing Vincent complete the process that would -hopefully- clone him, however, as he continued to ponder on what he and Massas number two would do, he failed to notice Vincents one miscalculation of the code he input, as the process started, Massas screamed in pain and laughter- joy overcame him as the experiment felt like it was working, until....

-poof- a whirling white vortex pulsed from within the chamber that contained Massas, Vincent on the outside unable to see, when the vortex cleared, Massas was nowhere to be seen.


Theme Song: Crai armstrongs "Oh Verona" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJvnVWhuNtk
Items: A necklace with a small skull on it and a satchel filled with genetic samples of super-powers.
Sexual Orientation: although he'll happily fflirt with anyone that makes a comment, he doesn't usually find other species Sexually interesting.
Crushes/Love Interest: None.
Likes: Massas enjoys Flowers, Experimenting and the shrill cry of a dying subject.
Dislikes: Lavender, his species is weakend greatly by it.

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