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Name: Ms. Luna Cy

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Porcelain Human/Witch

Homeworld: Dementia

Occupation: Killergarten Teacher - In charge of teaching younger children their first steps of killing, accepting insanity, and torture.

Appearance: Insanity never appeared to be so beautiful, or... in such a beautiful form. Luna is your typical motherly figure, despite her personality, she possess extraordinary beauty, exactly that of a porcelain doll. Her skin is a deathly pale and soft to the touch, though being partially made of porcelain, she will crack here and there, especially when frustrated or entering her demented state, however, she's capable of feeling pain, blushing, and the cold touch of rain running down her skin. She appears to have fang-like teeth that can be seen when she smiles and her lips are coated in purple.

Luna's hair is a obsidian black with half tied up, decorated with hair sticks and a few cobwebs, one of which is where her pet black widow spider, Hollow, lives in, dropping down from her hair every so often. Her eyes are darkly rimmed with thick eye lashes, they're coloured a hazy purple filled with motherly love, but with that noticeable hint of insanity. The most noticeable part of her body is her... ahem, F sized... "rack", they provide both cushion and comfort for her dearest children whenever they're feeling a little down, they're certainly not that hard to miss... especially when she falls on you! They also jiggle...*shifty eyes*

Her attire consists on a rather gothic geisha theme, comprised of a grey-black geisha dress with white web and rose motifs, which leaves uncovered, Luna's left leg. She only wears the left sleeve, leaving the right pending down and leaving her right arm uncovered. Her chest is covered with blood-stained bandages. She also wears a long purple ribbon around her waist. She wears black high heeled shoes, with this outfit she also has some purple and dead flowers in her hair and a black lace garter around her left thigh where she keeps her doll that looks exactly like her. This outfit makes her seem more mature and elegant, though people can be fooled by it.

Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: Secret

Weapon: The Blank Doll - Harmless, yes? In the hands of Luna, no. Due to her expertise in the Dark Arts, Luna is capable of copying her enemy's form exactly by using her Blank Doll.


Torment; This is when Luna's Blank Doll takes on the form of her enemy, she's able to torture it which will then affect the enemy at the same time, she will use various methods, each with their own affect.

LullaDie; Using her remarkable yet eerie singing, Luna is able to lull her enemies to sleep, she'll either torture them later on, or kill them on the spot. However, she wouldn't ever dream of hurting her precious children.

Web; A lover of spiders, thousands will emerge from Luna's hair and clothing, swarming towards the enemy and will soon crawl all over them, spinning webs to case them in so they cannot escape. Their fate is a mystery to all those except Luna.

Hollow; Using Hollow to throw at the enemy whilst Luna holds onto the web spinning out of her, using it as a whip, however, Hollow's web is anything but ordinary. It's sharped than cheese wire and can slice an enemy's skin.

Personality: Motherly yet eerily comforting towards her dear children, unknown to many, Luna could be interpreted as gentle yet manipulative when helping her little soon-to-be terrors. She would never dream of hurting her dearest devils, praising them for each and every bad little thing that they do. Luna has a deep love of spiders, many can be found in the corners of her classroom and office, finding their webs to be beautiful and add the perfect touch to her rooms.

Towards her fellow colleagues, such as other teachers, Luna is professional and well spoken, if not sometimes a little bit childish due to being around her children for far too long. She can be quite shy and flustered when around men who take an interest in her. In general, Luna is very kind and motherly yet mischievous and childish... opposed to her outbursts of insanity that happen on occasion, bursting out into manic laughter all of a sudden, twitching every so often, and cracks often appear on the porcelain parts of her body.

When it comes to a much darker side of Luna, she is... to put it bluntly, a complete and utter lunatic, being more than capable to develop and act upon her sadistic thoughts, perform disturbing acts of torture, and tormenting others... one would almost think she was schizophrenic. Lastly, she most definitely doesn't fool around when it comes to fighting.

Bio/History: Luna has never spoken of her life before she was interviewed to become a teacher at Evil Academy, however, she works within the Killergarten area, guiding the younger children through their first steps of insanity and torture. Only she runs this area, along with maintaining it and the disturbing playground outside the playroom. On occasion, Luna mentions that she was once married... however, it soon ended after her love died of mysterious poisoning...

Religious: Insanity is what she lives by, 'til reality do they part.

RolePlay Sample:

Walking down the hallway of the academy, register book in hand but held to her stomach, Ms. Luna Cy, the academy's Killergarten teacher simply made her way to the playroom for future teaching. Oh, how she enjoyed each and every day teaching her dear little nightmares, cradling them close to her bosom whenever their insanity got too much for them handle, watching the slowly progress with their torturing methods... she was so proud of them all.

Jiggle... jiggle...

Turning her head to the side, she noticed an older student staring at her, oblivious to what he was staring at, she just merely smiled and waved then carried on ahead. The next thing she heard was a sound similar to a pipe bursting, this startled her and so then again, she turned only to see the boy now on the floor with his friends around him, blood seemed to be coming out of the boy's nose.

"Oh dear... I wonder what happened to the poor thing," she said in concern with a small pout on her purple lips "maybe one of his friends must've accidentally hit him... oh well, I'm sure he'll be alright." With a smile, she made her way to the playroom where her children would be waiting, again she passed another group of boys along with two male teachers once she was outside the playroom.

Jiggle... jiggle...

This time she didn't turn to wave, in fact, she hadn't even noticed them. And so she opened the door and walked into the playroom, her children were already playing, some tearing the heads off of dolls, other painting with a red substance, and others stacking knives like cards. It was a sight that made Luna's heart melt with love and adoration. Oh, how she cherished her tiny terrors.

Once the door closed, she heard several thuds from outside followed by blood splattering on the window of her door. It made her jump slightly and everyone in the room was silent, even her children stared. Luna just shook her head, smiling at her children. "Oh, well... let us begin now, my darling deviants," she said in an eerie yet motherly tone.


Theme Song:[youtube][/youtube]


Spider Vial - In the form of a necklace, this contains four hundred milligrams of necrotic venom.

Epoxy Glue - Luna keeps this on her whenever she "cracks" which causes her perfection to be cracked, so at least with this on her she's able to touch up a little, quite a bit like make-up.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crushes/Love Interest: She'd never tell.

Likes: Dead Roses, Spiders, Solitude, Children, Black, Purple, Her Insanity, Voices, and Porcelain Dolls.

Dislikes: Her Pets Being Harmed, Breaking/Cracking, Bright Colours, Fresh Roses, Being Interrupted, Butterflies, and Bright Places.

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