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Name: Ziel Drokan Moriarty Loss

Age: 17


HomeWorld: NetherWorld/Dogma Rift

Occupation: Student

Appearance:Short Fiery Red hair flared and bed-hair like appearance, length reaching down to the beginning of his jaw bone, a paley white skin colour with figmented dark shadows shown under his eyes from loss of sleep, deathly coloured and haunted green eyes able to shake anyone from thier boots. a healthy complextion when the light hits.

A well build body yet holds untold strength and power though is not shown physically, however some muscle is shown for a well built state. Long striffled legs as well as strong back muscles for his stature of how he sits, also strong legs and arm power due to how he walks as well as runs.

Wearing a tight white shirt that shows off his chest muscles from undercover, short sleeves that reach half way down his arms,smart black trousers that are easy to move around in allowing him to jump, sprint and roll without dificulty of movement or restriction. A light blazer reaching full length of his arms and finished from blazer length just above his trousers, smart shoe's again easy to walk as well as run in still allowing freedom and no restriction of foot movement of speed.

Weapon: Hand crafted by Ziel himself a Dark Matter Scythe compressed and lodged into a physical manifestation, with the strength no where near his fathers weapons. Compared to normal weapons this scythe exceeds presentation as well as durability. With every hit of this weapon the object or person's weight will increase 5X thier normal weight, with every strike it is impacted and buffed onto each hit (E.g 1 hit= 5X anouther hit = 10 anouther hit= 15X) and will carry on for as long as the scythe is in Ziel's grasp. The weight of this weapon is unknown but noone but Ziel is able to pick it up and not strain.

(Sub like his father he can manipulate and controle the elemants known in existance)

1.Overwhelm: Using his Soul Preasure a talent learnt from his father, his Aura spills out into the battle field and overwhelms his enemies by his sheer presance thus making his enemies hard to see or think straight, causing mental and physical disability.

2. Dogma's Folly: Summoning a open portal that streches over 100KM wide in length and width, a giant implausable shower of metiors and flaming showers come from the skies damaging the area (This could also damage Ziel)

3. Ziel's Tear: A single tear from the years of Agony he endured and the pain of keeping his soul under controle due to it's unstableness Ziel cries for release, once his tear hits the ground death follows, killing all life that is on the battle field. If this does not effect his enemy it servearly damages thier organs and insides due to the pain that is felt by Ziel at the time and the aura that was poured into that single attack.

4. Release: Allowing the chains of Ziels body to dissappear, he is able to change into his Devil's form, causing blindness temperarily in his state his other sences and hightened and superior compared to his state on the battle field, this blood lust allows him to ignore any effect driven to him. And only focuses on his enemy causing him to negate feeling to his body from attacks of the enemy (he is basically your worst nightmare that refuses to allow you to wake up until your dead).

5. Pact: Using blood magic Ziel can cause a pact with his unstable soul, allowing him a few minutes of rest from his pain. thus causing him to focus 100% and increases his attacks dramatically.

6. Gargula Vandrus: A scythe attack that smothers his enemies in rappid shots to the body, weapon and legs with one hundred perfect hits, the effect of the scythe forces his enemies into submission of thier own body. Thus placing them in the mercy of Ziel.

7. Negation: Due to unnatural causes of his Soul, ranged, magical, mental and spiritual attacks can not be effected to Ziel as well as mental manipulation is backfired allowing Ziel to overwhelm his enemies mental health as well as showing them his endless nightmares that only the most unfortunate of mortals could ever comprehend.

8. Repel: In more than one way, Ziel can deflect physical attacks such as close combat hits, as well as arrow shots. But more impressive he can repel magical attack that take a physical form such as fireballs or Ice strikes.

9. Torment: causing a sheering explotion of light, this blinds his enemies as well as effects thier hearing with peircing high pitched sounds, not stopping in mere seconds this attack stays for 1-2 hours from it's nack of cralling deep into the enemies head and echoing through out thier body.

10. Bloody Rose: His special attack, causing the ground and skies to darken. And creating a barrier to keep his enemies inclosed Ziel summons his strength with the thickness of the air, and the extreme weight of gravity to rappidly increase, he forces his enemies into submission by either knocking them out mentaly through lack of air and stopping thier mind from processing, or physically through the weight that is being preasured on the body.

11. Balista: With unnatural strength and speed he can overwhelm most of the teachers of the Academy, due to his natural abilities as the son of a OverLord it is not suprising, however he will only do these actons if he has good reason to.

Personality: Hardly careing for anyone but himself and his sister, he tends to beat up his own father when ever Dross gets perverted near him. Having a sence of strength and will power to learn as well as getting stronger, Ziel tends to get carried away when it comes to fighting. Unable to understand most peoples prespective he stays close to his younger sister. However even his sister can get annoying, this also staying in high places keep him in a good mood.

Angered or fustrated, he declines from being thesilent and not caring type to the deathly I'm going to gore you until you scream out my name for forgiveness type. Combat is his specialty however he doesn't dare use his full power in the NetherWorld due to secrets that stay in the family.

From a young age Ziel was always destined to become the heir to his fathers throne. To become the ultimate being to exist, to learn and experince all there is and finally continue the bloodline by choosing a worthy wife. That was his calling to submite to the throne and become the Ruler of the NetherWorld.

However Ziel didn't always follow the rules, he was a fustrated and angry little Devil to always get into fights and win every single one. With his unmatched power, speed and intelligence he is able to defeat any foe that dares challenge him.

At the age of eleven Ziel's own soul began to wither and die due to the manipulation of the NetherWorld it's self. The NetherWorld denied him a rightful heir to the Throne until he reolises his destiny, From the Death and grief of his Mother Ziel accepted Death like a friend. His father Dross on the other hand had something to say about it and would not collect his own Son's soul yet, instead there was a pact, a seal of secrecy to this very day.

Ziel now learns to controle his unstable and overpowering soul along with his aura. As he finally accepts to learn to become a ruler, his father looks to him in proud and praising ways, as does his sister as they both encourage him to continue his subjects and at least try to make friends. However most will misunderstand him for someone who may be arrogant or just ignorant of thier existance, however there is something inside Ziel that must be dug up by those who will attempt to understand. Is this Dross's doing?


RolePlaying Sample:

There he stood ontop of that lone ruined watch tower, off the borders of his fathers Kingdom, staring aimlessly towards the baren waste lands where unknown and destructive beasts await on the mightmarish feilds of the darkness. "Hmph....This new year, will be full of mortal strangers and students....As well as teachers?" With a glint in his deathly green eye he smirks with a light fang showing.

"Then I hope someone will die this year..." Releasing a sigh, "I don't want it to be boring like last time..." Holding the back of his head with both of his hands he stares still at the torn landscape, then back to the lands of his father where civilization is heard from miles around and the lights brighten the deep blue eerie skies.

"Damn it father...What are you so mad about..." Knowing the weather is controled by his fathers emotions and the way the storms began to fell over the near by city and Academy Ziel held his chest suddenly holding onto the ledge of the wall infront of him as he breath heavily, "Damn it...Not...Now, not yet....Just alittle more time...." As he looks ack up with that hopeful sparkle gone from his eye Ziel stares in a maddened state towards the city. "I swear...This torment has gone on too long, father..." As he picks himself up controling his breathing he begins to walk away back to the Academy of Evil.

Items:The chains of sealing which was given and made in the fiery Depths of the NetherWorld to constrict the Soul and cause it to lessen in aura and power as long as the Seals stay stable, if they are somehow broken the emmence power will spill out and cause great damage to the NetherWorld as well as the Academy's students.

A scar given to him for his willingness to die, now sealed to one part of his face Ziel accepts the mark as a reminder to not give up, as much as his father cares for him dissapline must be taken into action.

Theme Tune:
Sexual Orientation:Straight,Hetrosexual
Crushes/Love: None
Likes:He refuses to say
Dislikes:He refuses to say

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Re: KriiVanWinter's Characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:56 am

Name: Nyx Sancamoria Van Demensia Loss

Gender: Female



HomeWorld: Netherworld/Dogma Rift


Appearnace: Long black curly hair reaching down her back, lushus red rosey lips, as well as a white skin yet healthy complexion, Has her eyes waxed over stopping her to see, as well as wearing long strecks of black bandages that wrap around her body, her height is 5'8 as well as her weight being 72KG, she has a slender body with E sized breasts which are very....Busty and well shown under her bandages.(She does have a tendancy to change forms between her normal form and her Devil form)

Weapon: A long cursed black staff which forces corrosive attacks when used, however it is able to change her body when she wills it causing a mask to envelope her face and forcing her body to change into a high blass Demon, refering not to she her Devil side to anyone outside the family but will if it includes saving lives as well as her own. After her body has changed the mask will ripple off into cracked shreds showing her new appearance, her demonic form nullifies elemental as well as manipulative attacks of all kinds towards her.


1.Lament: Able to cause implostions in the foes body once she hits hard with either her hands of legs/feet, this causes the flow of energy in her enemy to be siphoned and flow into Nyx, causing her foe to weaken dramatically.

2.Yagi: An attack created by Nyx, she constricts the energy of batle into one place into her hands and causes it into a physical manifestation, thus allowing her to either regenerate her flesh by scolding her wounds to stop them form bleeding as well as repairing bones, or causing a destructive sonic wave which either blows away her foes, or rips thier limbs off.

3.Combi Fling: allowing her volprix weapon to change from staff form to to a electric energy blade, forcing spiritual attacks as well as attacking spiritual essences which causes lighting to shatter around the area.

4. Deadly Sight: Kissing her enemy and allowing her energy to flow into her enemy, she siphones her enemy's energy into the battle field allowing her to cause a Yagi as many times as needed, as well as poisoning her enemies internal orgins as well as viens to bottle up and become very weak and sick.

5.Master Craft: Able to repair and enhance any weapon or armor, she can make anything stronger or repaired and even create every day cloths if need be.

6.FireWorks: Calling spiritual energy around her, she is able to force a spirit into a bolt (Javalin) and throw it into the air (multiple if needed) and bombard her enemies in blasts of light as well as psiritual attack, leaving them damaged and dazzed.

7.Weapons Master: Like her Father and brother, she is ableto master almost any weapon she is allowed to hold and uses it to it's full potential.

8.Light Puppet: Manipulating the existance of light from other worlds and transfering thier energy into her hands, she is able to light the ground of pure light that is focused of bad karma/poisonus energy, which destroys all shadows in the area as well as allowing figments of light to reach out and chain her enemies to the ground (Can only last a few minutes)

9. Lost Will:If Nyx notices the absence of her brother Ziel, her will power to fight will lessen significantly, however her strength and energy is heightened 100X over thus allowing her attacks that she does choose to do cuases devistating damage to an enemies physical manifestation (Body), They are also in danger of having thier weapon destroyed if it is not strong enough.

10.Aura Leek: Having overwhelming energy, Nyx shows her Devil side which overwhelms the area in a poisonus cloud. That is extremly thick to see through as well as breath, if breathed in the toxins cause your mind to think extrmely fast and think it can dodge normal attacks, however due to the mind thinking too fast (super human fast) the body reacts exstemely slow, thus speech to the enemy(s) would also be slow, placing the foe(s) in a two hour poison of vunerability, all enemies attacks are extremly slow thus allowing openings from eall sides. As well as Nyx's appearance and strength to rappidly sky rocket from her new transformation. (This also includes speed)

Devil Form (Looks Innocent doesnt it?)

(This form is also her natural form when she chooses to show it in a every day basis. However she does tend to switch between her waxed eye's to her Frost Devil)

Personality: Very gentel and very warm hearted person, unlike her brother and father you would beleive she has a heart. Very cute and sweet she will do her best to help her friends, however she chooses to TRY to stay by her brother's side Ziel. However if left alone she will wonder off and see what activities are going on. Due to her beauty and bodily features, Nyx has been marked as a attractive young girl, she doesnt ask for attention but unfortunatly attention hunts for her. Thus making her run to her brother or Father, or try to get a understanding to those whom seek her out, she is always looking for new friends as well as new experinces and adventures.

However if angered or in batle, she shows no mercy and isnt afriad to show people her freightning side, due to her extreme strength not yet at her brothers or fathers level she is known as the Devil of the rose, due to her physical for beauty and her deadly ways to handle others.


From a young age, Nyx has been an innocent young girl due to her mother who taught her alot about being a quaint young lady, she was taught kindness and honesty. As well as love and compassion, Nyx was a very intelligent young girl even to this day. However she never grasped the concept of true hatred, however mischief and trick came to her naturaly, as she grew after her mother died. She was heart broken as was her brother and father.

Thus allowing her to awakening her Devil side, she was then taught combat from her father as well as spiritual and energy controle, Nyx grew up as a lovely young girl however pushed on the spot and she will not think twince in killing you if you are lucky that is. She can handle her own but can not handle big crowdes, whilst her body was growing so did certain features on which she possesses. Her Father Dross teases her about it and isn't shy in pulling foolish stunts such as holding one of her breasts, but in the end. Ends up on the ground bleeding from the nose with a smile on his face.

Staying close to Ziel who was the one which everyone feaed due to his unimaginable strength and strong personalit. Nyx finds safety in the presence of Ziel and will try to stay close to him, however Ziel does prefer his own spae and would leave Nyx on occasion. By that time Nyx had friends who appreciated her for what she was like instead of her populatiry and body features, she enjoyed having her own time but will go back to Ziel and that feeling of safety.

Nyx was sent to her fathers Academy to learn to controle her Devil's side as well as make friends and gain experince in being around with other people. This also allowed her t have space from Ziel and learn to grow up by her own and make friends of her own.


RolePlaying Sample:

Walking down the streets of the twisted she looks from one shop to anouther in confusion, "What should I eat tonight" With her petiet stmach growling she places her finger into her mouth looking down with a adorible face and a cat's smile of the thought of yummy foods.

Catching a waft of different smells she suddnely perked up her nose and looked to one side following her smell, breasts jiggling as she ran, Nyx halted and turned her head in the direction of a twisted skeleton with a colourful hot hat, a tattered suit and baggy trousers selling otter noses. Licking her lipsfrom the hot smell Nyx approached the skeleton, unable to see due to her waxed eyes, "How much?" In a innocent voice sencing his height through other ways of vision.

"That'll be, 2 Soul's lil lady" Holding out his boney brisk hands Nyx reaches into her bandaged pocket and holds out two orb like essences with twisted bone like shapes on the top of a glowing light blue orb, "Here you go" With a smile they exchange with one anouther.

"Thank you!" And with that Nyx takes a bow and turns around running with a happy laughter back from the streets towards the Academy, her breasts still jigling on her way. Nyx smiling with an innocent look listens to the sound of every step she takes with her bare feet, treding lighting against the floor.

Items: Black bandages made from her Mothers best woven clothing and created from the skin of a Hell Dragon slain by her father, her bandages are enchanted with unknown purposes towards Nyx (Yet).

A Chain wraped around her arm under her bandages, to remind herself the death of her mother as well as the responcibility to remain strong for her Father and Brother.

Theme Tune:
Sexual Oriantation: Straight/Hetrosexual
Crushes/Love: None yet
Likes: Anything fun, new friends, new adventures, her brother company
Dislikes: Her Fathers Pervyness, Her Brothers Absence, Being Dull

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Re: KriiVanWinter's Characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:36 am

Name: William Van Winters

Age: Unknown (Looks 17)

Gender: Male

Race: WereWolf

HomeWorld: Gioganti/Vertez

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Height is about 6'1 as weight is over 12 stone, hair length reaches to the end of his neck with Neon blue hair, making him stand out to the crowd, well build body ( well toned in muscles) colour skin is a caucasian, colour eyes turn out to be a light grey almost lamented silver. Different colthing fo everyday, but best wear is a black shirt fitted with baggy dark blue jeans, as well as trainers of any sort. Having to have a hole in his jeans allowing his tail to show and sway, tail length is about 5 foot in length due to his, uncanny nature of being what he is. He also wears a collour around his neck with inscriptions to go with it, as well as black leathered fingerless cloths for a comfit wear. He also wears a wooly hat to cover his wolf ears, but allows slits so they can be seen as well as hear properly. He does occasionally take the hat off if need be.

1)In his humanic form, he uses a silver lance that streches over 10 foot in length, extremly hard to break as well as bend due to it's dark silver metal. Can slice and peirce through with ease from high sensitive vibrations it gives off when in contact with a object of person/creature. Sometimes gives off a sonic blast when coming into contact, allowing to shatter bones as well as high intencity defences with ease.

2) In his "True Form" he uses his claws, jaws and unnatural ability to overwhelm his foes, his claws being extremly sharpe are also nearly impossible to shatter/break or corrode, able to cause deep bleeding of high depths forcing his foes to fatal injuries, these claws also damage nervus systems sending the body into shock from lighting attacks. As for his jaws, they give of a nural toxin, once bitten the effects are lethal corroding the body from the inside out causing bodily hard and erupted shut down of the bodies nervus system as well as seriocly weakening them, if that does not work then the curse of the werewolf/Lycan is upon them unless William deems other wise to allow them to be set free. (Conditional to the enemy, however one of these effects MUST be taken into action during a fight)


1) Rappid regeneration, this also means regenerating his body tissue from the inside such as organs and flesh as well as skin and muscles, nervus systems ect ect. As well as regenerating his claws and any jaws/teeth that were lost in battle.

2) High resistance to elemental damage, especially ice/snow elemental attacks and water due to his thick coat and the climates he was raised in.

3) Blood Rage, causing William to go into a blind fury his body bolsters and hus muscles expand and shiver into a much higher evolved being of werewolf. This forces him to feed more often, cause an obsession with blood more often.

4) Natural killer, having unpresidented speed, agility, strength, dexteriouse, vitality, stealth, hunger, higher adaptation of instinct, extremly higher sences of sight, touch, taste, sent and hearing. Allowing William to be the perfect killer.

5) Able to controle a certain amount of darkness in any form, if this is not possible. He uses his natural born talent and causes immunity to darkness of any kind, I.E posession, shadow manipulation, shadow stealth, shadow blindness or hearing. ect ect.

6) Superiority. due to William being a superior werewolf the curse does not efect the time of day that is needed for him to transform. Allowing himself to be consumed by the beast he is able to begin his horrific transformation at any time.

7) Toughness, from his werewolf transformation it is much harder to cause physical damage to Williams flesh due to the tough fur and skin through all the years he has been a werewolf it's as if his fur is a shield. No normal attacks will really effect him apart from a scrap or scar. However there are certain stances that can cause serioce damage to him if used properly.

Natures gift, causeing no harm to William the sudden changes of season weither they be done by spell or natural makes no difference to Williamor his body, allowing him to fight or simply walk without faulter.

9) Curse of the werewolf/Lycan, with a single bite and of Williams own will (not by anyone else) he is able to turn others into werewolves/lycans, and over the few days of manifestation of other lycans there dreams will be haunted and horrific until the full effects of the lycan/werewolf is upon them.

10) Season Change: due to his inheritance Williams fur is able to change as a camo of sorts in each season that is required of him, allowing the stealthy approach to benifit his cause.

11) Mass controle, forcing himself to controle his beastly side, William can freely turn into his werewolf side and keep total controle for as long as he wishes, as long as he is not angered.

12) Moonlight's grace, even being able to freely transform, the moonlight enables him to move extremly fast that no creature nor mortal sence can catch, as well as his strength timesing it's self over continuously. The moon does not have to be in direct contact to William, making it all the more dangerouse to face him.

Personality: A conserved young man however he can be quiet talktative and happy to make friends. He also is a great listener as well as a superior observer either he has t listen or look to observe, he finds all manor of creatures and stories interesting. Thus making him an intelligent individual, however he can be sent into a rage at times due to his natural beast wanting to be free.


Brought up as a deadly weapon fro a young age, William was to be next in line as Alpha due to his inheritance of being the Ice Alpha of the North. But only being by title William's fur changed to the seasons however his natural colour was a thick jet-black, from the passing of his father and his pack beginning a revolt in the pack William left without a care. In his mind it was forced on him without his consent, becoming a lone wolf he grew strong, became tougher, moved faster. The evelution of the werewolf in it's finest stages, William was a superior breed and extremly rare type of creature. He then began to test his strength and abilities against towns, then cities and soon after that Citadels.

William was well known and infamouse, his hunger for flesh was madening, he always wanted a sport to catch and hide, drawing people deeper into the enviroment and closer to where William stayed, reguardless if he moved from place to place. William was in his own right, the perfect werewolf.

Over time he grew bored, and desided to calm things down by simply. Dissappearing, he went in search of knowledge, from horror of torcher to science of the world. He grew in maturaty as well as strength, thus making him a even more deadlier threat, he knew tactics of all kinds and strategies. From everyday convosation to arguments, he could handle it all.

However there was one thing William could never defeat, the one person that always destroyed him. Him self, the beast, even if he looked like a human, smelt, talked, walked like one. The reality was that he is a beast.

However instead of giving into dispear, he went in search of the Evil Academy which was spoken over royal families of the North to the Shadow empire of the Easten relms, as well as the mountain's where the grant princess's resided. He finaly found the Academy when a young man named Ziel was found wondering in the woods, there William would learn. There William will finaly fit in. And use his beast as a advantage in his own path to his dream.

(William in his "True Form")

Height: 15 ft
Weight: Unknwon
Fur colour: jet-black
Eye Colour: Peircing yellow erise, with black pupil
Jaws: Look for yourself....

(Innocent William)

Religone: None

Roleplay sample:

"So, this is the Academy huh?" Speaking to himself in a low tone of voice. "If only the parents could see me now, (In his mothers tone) Silly little pup what are you doing?" Laughing to himself in a delighted fashion he looks foward scratching the back of his neon coloured hair. "I hope they accepr former princes".

Continueing to laugh he makes his way towards the boys dorms and lands at the top of the building in the room to the right of a red door, "Well thats interesting..." Looking interested but shaking his head he goes into his room to find a excellent view of the Academy, town and forest. "Wow! What a sight!"

Catching the view of some of the female students he perks a brow, "what beauties....Looking down towards a soldier type young woman as well as a flurished red haired woman. Letting out a slight whine he paws the glass with one hand, with bushy tail swaying left to right as with ears flicker. "I wish I had a girl friend..." Looking to one side placing one finger on his chin. "Well, only time will tell I guess"

With a sweet innocent smile he begins to unpack setting up his room for the times ahead.

Theme Tune:
Sexual Oriantation: Straight/Hetrosexual
Items: scalf as a keepsake from a former friend, colar to keep himself under controle at the worst of times, chains as a keepsake from his father.
Crushes/Love: None yet
Likes: Girls, scratches behind the ear, games, hugs, effection, reading, playing around, combat(sometimes)
Dislikes: People who are no fun, no challenges, no scratching behind the ears, bright colours, bringing up the past,fruit, vampires

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Re: KriiVanWinter's Characters

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