Rin libre Yamato (student)

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Rin libre Yamato (student)

Post  Mokou on Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:26 am

Name: Rin libre Yamato

Age: 17 (looks 23)

Race: Human

Homeworld: Gensokyo, where humans and yōkai coexist.
Use to live on earth

Occupation: Maid/Student

Appearance: Shimmering soft skin,She have short grey hair that ends to the top of her shoulders,two braids in the front (thought it would make her more pretty), small light pink lips, sinister smile,myserious blue eyes, slim figure, 36B breast cup. Rin likes to wear maid dresses that are the length up to her upper thighs or short skirt with a long sleeve and tie (kind of boyish).

Height: 5ft 6”

Weight: 135lb

Weapons: Daggers, Knifes or Swords.

1. Manipulation of time - Rin has the ability to slow, stop and possibly reverse time. She uses her time abilities using a pocketwatch, named the Lunar clock.
2.Mindcontorl - Rin can control time, people mind, moving objects and throws knives.
3.Shields of the force - her medals are shields from particular things, only one can be used at given time.

Personality: She is seemingly a calm and ominous girl who usually prefers to be by herself. Sometimes she get smart but only when she wants or when someone trys to put her in her place which she wont let that happen and can be very quick tempered. She really dont like mouthy people, sometimes she shut her victim up by throwing a dagger at he/her or waves her hand at the student and make him/her fall into a deep sleep. She is very mature for her age. She is a sweet-talker to people (mostly to males) and sometimes likes to flirt when she is in the mood. She is intelligent, and picks things up easily. She does however posses a very sadistic streak within her,and when it comes to her kill, she rather enjoys the bloodshed. She loves to sing and hums alot when she's alone or in the good mood. She also loves to play the violin.

Bio/History: Rin was the 5th oldest and the most beautiful from her other 12 younger and 3 olderst sibilngs in the Yamato family. Rin's parents always busy and never had time with hoildays or birthdays. Rin mother always cooking, cleaning, washing clothes or out shopping for food and Rin father always working 24 hours in a week. The only time they both have is to stuck there children to bed or sing them a song with her gorgeous and speechless voice that put everyone to sleep in a minute. Rin always was interested into singing because of her mother pretty voice, Rin decided to try too. She also start to play the violin at age 13. Rin starting to notice she can move object by focing at the object and move it with her hand. Rin thought it was cool but never told her parents, friends or her 12 young brother and sisters. She though it was a 'gift' from the heavens above use her new power every once in a while.

One morning, Rin woke up in a large king bed. She quickly jump out of bed and run to the front doors but lock when she try to barg her way out. Rin begin to look around the large bedroom with headless bears, deers, and foxes hanging on the wall, weird old pictures of a young man and women in a huge frame near the front doors. A young man (around 20-23) appeared in the center of the room wearing a black long robe, leather boots and his black flaming hair covers his face, only let half his face show. He welcomed Rin to his castle and his world called "Gensokyo" and name himself as Lord Malon. He tell her about the powers she have and letting her stay here with him to teach her the powers he gaved her. Rin didn't wanted to stay, even though she is most intersated into her powers. Lord Malon didnt give Rin her wish, he decided to keep her with him as his maid and her trainer till she is powerful enough. Rin had no choice.

At her age of 17th birthday, Lord Malon assigned Rin to a school called 'Evil Achademy' in another relam so Rin can have something to do besides staying in Lord Malon's castle when he on missions. Knowning now she is strong, more beautiful and powerful somewhat like him, from all his training power and skills with her since he brought her to Gensokyo, she can handle anything in her way but still miss her family and friends on earth.

Religious: She only belives in one god and that is god himself.

Rin Yamato (Beautiful, isnt she?)

Rin's True Form


RolePlay Sample: "Malon.." Speaking in a low tone as she softly knocks on Lord Malon's study room door. Foot steps being heard from the other side of the door. She steps back as Lord Malon opens the door with a smile on his face. "Come in my dear and take a seat." He moved to the side, welcomed her in his study room then closed the door behide her as she sat down in a chair infront of his desk while classic voilin music playing softly. Rin smiled as the music play.

Lord Malon walks over to his large bookcase with one hand behide his back and the other points though the books. "Hm..now where is that-- AH HA!" He chuckled, slides out a brownish book of dark magic that have a envelope inside one of the pages. He takes the envelope out, put the book back on the shelf and walk over to Rin. He gently put it on her lap and sit down in his large chiar he loves behide his desk. "What are you waiting for Rin..open it." He said quickly, place his hands on his lap.

"Alright" She smiled and open the envelope then takes a paper and read it to herself. "Welcome to Evil Achademy..new student?" Her eyebrows raise and looks up at Lord Malon's diection. "Evil Achademy?..What kind of school is this?" She question him. Lord Malon clached his glasses and rest his hands on his desk. "Well my dear Rin, it's a dark and twisted school where you can learn, being teached, go on dangerous trips, meet new people and have learn new things." He anwsered. Rin looks down at the letter and think for a min knowing she will might cause trouble there like the other school when she torn her classmate in half with a knife from the school's kichen during lunch on earth.

There's no school here in Gensokyo, she was the only teenager who ever go to school. Rin sighed. "But you didnt asked for my permistion first." Her voice dull down alittle. Lord Malon throws his head back and laughed. "It's your birthday..if I told you was going to a new school, it wouldn't be a suprise anymore. Silly girl."

She looks at Lord Malon then at the letter, giving it a good grip and nodded. "Ok..I'll go.."

Theme Song:

Items: An gold oval shaped locket necklace that belong to her mother.
She uses her time abilities using her pocketwatch.

Sexual Orientation: Straight/Hetrosexual

Crushes/Love Interest: None to be loved yet.

Likes: Boys, Playing voilin, Fine food, Tea, Singing, Fine melody music, Flirting, Swordfighting.

Dislikes: Black cats, Being bored

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