Shadow King (student)

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Shadow King (student)

Post  Gentleman Joker on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:03 pm

Name: Shadow King
Age: 18
Race: Shadow Devil
Homeworld: Black Earth, in the Shadow Realm
Occupation: Student
Appearance: Wears desert yellow robes, gloves and scarf, which cover his body from head to toe. He also wears a pair of black desert goggles that poke out from under the scarf wrapped round his head. Looks strangely skinny, even when wearing so much clothing and is seven foot tall. His eyes are blood red.
Under the clothes is a metallic robotic skeleton made of Dark Titanium. But when he gets mad his true form would leak out. For his true form is a black stick thing with black wings, sharp long talon fingers and a grin of nightmares

(Shadow King robed)

(Shadow King unrobed)

(Shadow King's true form)

Weapons: Soulless – it looks like a metallic staff, made of Dark Titanium. Shadow king mostly uses it as a normal staff, but he can channel his shadow energies through it, allowing him to fire concentrated energy blasts. Sometimes he uses it to generate shadow waves through solid objects.
1.He can altar shadows, turning them into spike attacks
2.Can use the shadows to travel (to him the shadows are gateways back to the shadow realm, a parallel realm to all realms, as long as there is a shadow to return)
3.He can make his shadow fight others
4.With a touch he can take control over others using their shadows, but can only control one person at any time (he isn’t strong enough yet)
5.Is skilled with staff weapons
6.His metallic body is the only thing that can magnetically summon his weapon, Soulless
7.True form can pull the darkness of shadows uncontrollable around him and his victims, blinding everyone but himself, of their own senses of hearing and sight (this drains him as his not strong enough to exist outside his metallic shell, yet)
Personality: Silent type; confident; has a problem with personally space (tends to get to close to people without meaning to); light footed; a learner
Bio/History: Shadow King is the oldest of the Shadow Emperor’s children. But his desire to learn about the other realms that exist parallel to his fathers, the Realm of Shadows, lead to an accident where he lost his human flesh during a fight inside a acid mine. Somehow out of strength and will power, he reconstructed himself inside a metallic exoskeleton robot.
His father, the Shadow Emperor, unhappy that his own son had nearly died, decides to punish him, by banishing to Dross Evil Academy to learn to control his power, to learn to be an assassin of the shadows and regain his honor over the being that nearly killed him the first time.
Religious: he doesn’t follow any religion

RolePlay Sample:
I see my target, confused and unaware of where I am. It turns on the spot, pivoting to the left and to the right. I rise from the shadows, his shadow. As he turns and faces me, I grab his weak fragile neck. He stabs out with his knife, and connects with a metal rib.

If this metallic face of mine could, I would be smiling at his stupidity now.

I give him a quick death and snap his neck like a twig. And let him drop like a dead log on the ground at my feet. As I stare down at his lifeless body, I wonder.... Will my death be simple, clean and quick as this? I bash my metallic head with my staff in answer.... NEVER


Theme Song: The Rasmus - In The Shadows
Items: none
Sexual Orientation: experimental
Crushes/Love Interest: unknown
Likes: black, shadows, dark spots, beauty, perfume, flowers
Dislikes: fools, clowns

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