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Marionette's characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:14 pm

Name: Rion Hart

Age: 15

Race: A Royal ((Elemental spell Caster))

Homeworld: Lorie Valley

Occupation: Student

Appearance: She has dirty blond hair which she wears laced ribbons in...Bright jade eyes sometimes clouded over when mad. A petite slended frame about 5'7 in height.

Weapons: Weapons is merely the magic she holds in her body. She is not very strong yet.

Powers/Skills: She controls wind. Acrobatic skills.

Personality: observer, analyzer, and execute type person. Very quiet and can be silly at times if comfortable around people.

Bio/History: Rion comes from a place called Lorie Valley hidden deep in the Carpathian mountains. She is the second in line for the throne but for her to proceed she must come into her full powers. So her parents sent her here...

Religious: atheist

RolePlay Sample: Marionette traced a pale surfaced vein with the soft tip of her painted index finger. Though she didn't know she was doing it. With the uninvited arrival of Raziel the traveler his presance tossed her other half into a frenzy. Her human side wanted nothing more to just sit and relax with her expecting child. But her "other side" wanted to connect and draw out his energy to examine him. "Stupid Angels" She muttered, changing stances so that her head rested into the right palm of her hand. "I mean how dare I get confused with them. I mean for god sakes." She tapped her foot again making a hollow sound across the tiled floor. Sitting up this time she was becoming quite irrated which wasn't good for the baby. Rion sighed and rested her hand on her stomach glancing over wondering if this man knew how uncomfortable he was making her.


Theme Song:
Items: A locket with her brothers in it and a pair of bronze head phone engraved with her name.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Crushes/Love Interest: (If they are in love with another character please tell us who and the relation)
Likes: Yellow...Reading..Singing...and drawing.
Dislikes: Anything dealing with pop music I will probably blow it up....

Very good sample peice, reember to place in pargraphs, as well as showing enhancments on your powers. Aside all that this student is accepted and ready to go, congratulations.

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