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Dr Luke J. Whitefiend

Post  BLACK.CAP on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:31 pm

Name: DR Luke J. Whitefiend
Age: 22
Race: blazesian (A Human cross between fire and brimstone and wordly science)
Homeworld: earth 22
Occupation : Teacher
Appearance: black hair that is always unruly,darkly brown eyes, skin colour really light brown with a hint of chocolate, height 6 foot dead on, body type rather slim has a firm frame and a curved back, he has a running scar from the tip of his middle finger to the back of his neck they run along the under side of his arms to the back of his neck, his main clothing is just a pitch black suit with Air jordan's they are white and blue he also has a load of fitted caps of all style.
Weapons : he has a main sword she lives in a reality that is unknown to anyone except for him she is always right next to him at all times but he is the only person who can see her, to use her Luke must say her name and she comes into his hand in the form of a jagged edged sword on her front it has the words "till death do us part" her powers are she can change into any weapon ever made and she can also change into any animal at Lukes will her weakness is she must go back to her world after 5 minutes any longer and she will die.
Powers/Skills : his main power is within the 25 data chips within his body (they are laced within the scars) they give him a few abilitys the first is access to the world wide web this also gives him the ultimate hacker ability (with almost all info being on the web its a good time to have a computer in your mind) theses chips also gives him another ability they give him the ultimate shield this protects him from magic and projectiles (this also means punches and kicks so on and so on) the chips are charged by magic and the projectiles the weakness of the shield is he needs to be touching the ground the way he gets around this is by keeping some ground in a pendant around his neck so even if he is in the air he is always away from harm.
Personality : calm and collected never gets angry or upset almost always has a small smile on his face if you ever see this smile leave his face RUN.
Bio/History : On his earth science has taken over and there is no need for any kind of god. Born in a lab deep under the earth's core Luke Was a marvel, born with knowledge of the multivese and info to help to world, with all of this information he was obliged any experiment he wanted. Years later after escapeing form the lab he made it his job to rule the world. After two months of trying, killing and good old fashion blackmail he ended up at the top ruleing the world. After two years of ruleing the world under a iron fist boredom sets in and a 21 year old Luke ends up leaving his earth to travel the multivese and in turn each multiveses universes. A side effect of traveling like this is that it stops his ageging so he's been 22 for over 200 years.
Religious : He knows there is a god he met him but he does not worship him as there is no need being who he is. Saying this he still does talk to god once in a while just to piss him off.
RolePlay Sample:
Drip, drip, drip.
"Water, why is there water driping on my head" "because your outside" "and why am I outside" "you got drunk had a fight killed someone and then passed out" "ok then" As I rise my bones creak something wonderful something evil something "so now what" "WOULD YOU STOP i'm trying to think" "...sorry" she is like a child but far more beautiful and far more powerful. "now, now we will go and find something to eat" so with a force in my legs I make a jump into the unknown and our next big adventure. [u]Miscellaneous
Theme Song : Tyler the creator yonkers.
Items : A Pendant around his neck that contains dirt, and a bag that contains anything he ever needs or wants (the bag is a storage universe with infinite space and has all of his teaching tools and some other things too)
Sexual Orientation : anything goes.
Crushes/Love Interest : sword and only sword is for him.
Likes : everything anything and well sexy stuff
Dislikes : stupid people stupid stupid people and closed minded people.


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