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Post  KriiVanWinters on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:47 pm

This site is rated a 14+ and is recommended that members whom are under 14 PLAY AT THERE OWN RISK.

What this site involves

This site involved blood of a descriptive nature as well as gore, however to a light extent. There is also light imaginative talk of nudity as well as mature nature, however small or light for comedy this site is of a mature nature that some will find offensive. There is also violence of a descriptive nature.

There will also be usage of pictures, some of a mature nature in both horror types as well as Mature types, also some use of strong language.

There for before you continue I do ask that you think about what you are playing as well as what you will or should expect, you have been warned!


I Recommend these options

1. You turn to a diferent and less mature site for light play and les violent nature (obviously)

2. You ask your parents so see if this site is suitable for you, look through the RolePlaying that has been made and find out if you are suitable for play.

If you continue you agree to the following terms of this site, as well as being mature, imaginative in your own way and respectful to other's work. IF someone if offensive please come to me "KriiVanWinters" the Admin of this site, I will do my best to sort out any situation you may have.

You have been warned.

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