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Gentleman Joker (Teacher)

Post  Gentleman Joker on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:16 pm

Name: Gentleman Joker
Age: unknown
Race: immortal (at least thats what he believes)
Homeworld: the Abyss
Occupation: teacher of weapon arts - teachs students how to truly use a weapon, however insane the lesson maybe
Appearance: Wears a fine suit of black solar silk, with shiny zips, a fine waistcoat of black solar silk, black shoes, a bright white shirt and a fashionable gentleman’s red silk, tied in a bow round his neck. He wears white gentleman gloves. Has hair as dark as a black hole, that seems to change length at will. His skin is tanned. But no-one has ever seen his face as it hides behind a pure white mask, that seems to be cracked around his left cheek. His eyes dark hazelnut.
Weapons: Baby – an old fashion musket pistol with double barrel, made of a strange silver metal and crafted with wood unseen in any realm known. When in the hands of its master, the Gentleman Joker, it never needs to be loaded. One shot from this pistol will knock out anything that’s not immortal. To hit by both shots (one after another) is believed to stun most immortals. As each shot can generate a blast that matches the strength of a grenade, but together could be as powerful as giant cannon shot. (Thank Headmaster Dross, that Gentleman Joker only uses only the one shot to discipline the students and not the double)
1. He can create clones of himself (unfortunately the clones are human)
2. The fools madness – can enter other characters minds and make them delusional hallucinate (usual use to trick multiple characters into attacking each other, or believing his not there... Seems to not work on Headmaster Dross when on academy grounds)
3. Can regenerate
4. A weapon smith and a weapon master (he can make a weapon for others out of the darkness of the Abyss, but will return that weapon to the darkness if used against him. Rarely uses any other weapon then his Baby)
Personality: A gentleman; a joker; a lover; a trickster; split-minded
Bio/History: Born within the Abyss that was forgotten by time, yet time later flowed in upon. His throne golden as the other realm suns is all that he has. He usually looks out upon the countless realms, amusing himself with the foolish actions of the idiots laying on the other side. He is King of fools, master of nothingness and emperor to the coming darkness.
Many have met him and discover how hollow inside he really is, as he does not bleed when wounded. None have seen his face, for it hides beneath an endless stream of masks. Not even he knows what he looks like underneath. Some say he might be a lost time lord, or the darkness given body.
Apporached by Headmaster Dross to join his evil academy, the Gentleman Joker accepted and stepped out of the darkness once more. A hidden grin of delight to work alongside one of “Deaths chosen”

Religious: he doesn’t follow any religion, because all religions will end in the coming darkness

RolePlay Sample:
“What shall it be?” I turn to the bottle of fine red wine. “Drink? Or...” I turn to the old bronze stereophony, “Dance? Or...” I turn once more and look in the mirror at my handsome self, “Admire my fine self? Hmmmmmm....”

Reaching up to my masked face with both hands. I pull and watch the mask stretch. I continue to stretch it more and more, till it tears. Revealing my masked face beneath.... hehehe I love how it never leaves my face regardless of what I do.

I look to my right and then my left and find the broken pieces of the mask I original torn off, have reform into fully grown duplicates of yours truly. Both beautiful as the other, prefect in their design and amazingly handsome as me.... hehehe I love that trick, gets me strangely warm inside.
I take to my comfortable armchair, grabbing a glass goblet from the side table. My other self pours wine in it for me. While the other sets a vinyl on the stereophony. He begins to perform an epic dance, as I sip my wine.... “Ahh this is the life.”


Theme Song:
Satisfaction to My Brain (Hallucinogen)
Carries a pocket watch attached to his belt and lies in his left trouser pocket. It shows him how long each person has before they die and return to the darkness that is the Abyss. It also shows him how long till a star/sun dies out and become a black hole into the Abyss. (It doesn’t tell him how they all die, but it does show him who are the other twelve to survive till the end of time, aka “Deaths chosen”)
A silver dragon ring made from a thousand holy blessed metals and infused with the soul essence of a sun. It rests upon his index finger on his left hand. Anyone he touches with this ring, will slowly burn from either its holiness or the radiating sun within. If the ring stays touching long enough, it will burn its victim from the inside-out. Depending on mortality its effects can be a quick end or a slow pain filled experience. (Even the Gentleman Joker suffers from its effects, which is why he tends to remove it once every human month, so his regeneration abilities can heal the damage. And why he longer feels pain.)
Sexual Orientation: bi-curious
Crushes/Love Interest: Women
Likes: fine food and drinks, women, the death of a sun
Dislikes: all Jeff’s

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