Rosters,Lessons,Special Events And Arena's

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Rosters,Lessons,Special Events And Arena's

Post  KriiVanWinters on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:19 am

The Roster is where Studence will be picked to be placed in groups of 4-6 people accompanied by a teacher, here you will be taking a trip to the mortal worlds of the teachers choosing and put into practise what you will be learning in your classes, you will have to stay near to your teacher and do as they say. You will find enemies out there such as lone demons to mere mortals. Do exactly as the teacher says, and act when you are granted permission.

Lessons are where studence will be in a learning envoriment and learn about thier subjects, there will be as many people is needed in one class. you will be learning from the teacher of that subject and will be taken out for field trips and learning explorations, abid by the rules and send in your letters to your Teachers so you will be accepted into the field trip, after all. First come first served.

Special Events are where Holidays, Birthdays and festivals will be taken place, Holidays are spent in the mortal worlds as well as your own homeworlds if you see fit to spend your tme there, like any Academy you will have a certain amount of time to be on holiday before being sent a letter to return to the Academy. As for Birthdays and Festivals, the Birthday will be spent either at that studnce world of in the Nether world. The Festival will be set up in the NetherWorld considering how large it will be and the activities and dress up that will be needed. We hope you have fun!

The arena is a battle ground where you prove your fighting power against your opponents, 1 vs 1 fights and 2 vs 2 fights. This is set up in the OOC ( Out Of Character) thread where you look for challanges, to look for a challenge create a new threat in the OOC by using your name as a title and what fight your looking for E.G (KriiVanWinters: 1 vs 1 challenge). After you give the details of the type of fight, you will then describe the layout of the area you wish to fight in, such as labarymth of a grand library where you hunt each other down, each book has a certain power once opened but who knows if it will damage you or your foe. Once the battle ground has been set, you then pick what character you will use. It can be from any gender of roleplay. But it must be first approved by me

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