Rin's Dairy: Day 1

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Rin's Dairy: Day 1

Post  Alois on Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:23 am

Dear Dairy,

I still don't know why the hell I'm here but..so far, I like this place.
I haven't meet any students or teachers yet and looking forward
to meet Lord Dross face to face.

But something have been bothering me..I was on my way back to the
Library and heard these two girls talking about a 17 year male student
name Zeil who is the son of Lord Dross. They said he wants to be
stronger and powerful than this father. Also, the girls said that a
student name Hikari reminds Lord Dross of his son, Zeil. I wonder
why he thinks that but I dont want to know about it.

I dont know whats going on in this school but it's getting intersting..

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