Special Event (Students Only!)

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Special Event (Students Only!)

Post  KriiVanWinters on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:57 pm

Hello my dear, dear students. It's your HeadMaster Dross here, a special event is coming up where we will be hunting for a perticulare Angel known as Sagitanis, a extremly sneaky little thing. Your fellow student Ziel willl be taking those whom are interested, if you are please send a reply and voice why you want to go.

P.S: This isn't going to be a sunny side holiday, this will be very difficult. It will also take place in the Human Realm, a settlement named Faria Bay, a quaint little town off the high cliffs of Northen Germany. Rumor has it there are also the undead that lurk at night to eat the brains of the living. Spooky? No? Well then how about a whole load Divine Wrath coming your way as soon as you snag Sagitanis, we need this Angel alive dear students. You'll see why.

Warning: This note will explode in Three....Two....One....

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