×Kåîrî× charathers

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×Kåîrî× charathers

Post  ×Kåîrî× on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:34 pm

Name: ×Kåîrî×

Aged : 17

Bloodtype: Unknown Shocked

Race: Angelic


Ocupation: Student

Apperance: Slivery layered hair towards lower back, sunset ember eyes, DD boobs, webbbed myserious purple slivery webbed headphones laying by shoulders, dress clinging to torso showing off hourglass figure flaring outwards around the wasit reaching towards thighs above the kness, ribbon laced heels around ankles standing at only 5 ft 7.

Gender: FEMALE

Weapons: Steel rod(Transforms in to a syche also named warth), butterfly knives, 3 blades connecting to a dual bladed staff.

Powers/skills : Manipulates Nature, shape shift.

Personality: Friendly, Gentle, Humorus on ocasion, Quiet,Shy.

Bio/ history:

Religon: Angelicus, A pure blood race only known to get in to heaven’s gate by only being granted a teardrop shaped necklace witch changes colour due to what rank of race you are. Heavens gates to angelics are believed to be in peace to be in one's mind, body and soul and only believe in Love, peace and unity. Believes of this race are usually called ''Crescent Moon Children''

R-P sample:'Crimson fiery wings ripping from the slits of my shirt expanding outwards in a 30ft wing span gazing aimlessly walking gracefully, breasted seemed to jiggle due to their size, placing fine curved rear against the chair crossing a single pure white knee socked leg over the other tilting head towards the grassy scenery drumming long porcelain elegant fingers against the desk, sighing'
Items: Rosario around her neck, small charm bracelt on left wrist mostly wings, anklet on right ankle looking like a flaring crimson dragon.

Sexual orientaition: Bi-sexual

Crushes / love interests: None

Likes: Blood, Boys, Girls, Inteligent people, Humourous, Different, Noodles, Crimson, Animals, Manga, Pocky, Music boxes, Mysterious, Giggling, Hanging out with friends, Werewolfs, Angelics, Vampires, Music, Lolita.

Dislikes: Insolent people, rude, perverts, sucubi, snobs.

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Re: ×Kåîrî× charathers

Post  naOmi on Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:33 am

I like your character ^^ i would like to roleplay with you

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