Medical Mystery!

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Medical Mystery!

Post  KriiVanWinters on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:09 pm

Sitting in his chair perking a brow watching Miss Knottalia vending over to pick up the papers she dropped on the floor, dross's nose begins to bleed as he pulls a very odd, very strange smile. "Well, this is a nice view indeed, hehehehe" in a goofy manor.

Knottalia: "Hey! This isn't show and tell ya know!" Suddnely a needle is thrown into Dross's head.

Dross: "Geh..." Still with a smile, "Yes inject me with your needle of lllooovvveeee" With a seldom higher pitch of stupididy that came from his lips echoed from his room.

Knottalia: "You old fart, what do you mean by that?!" Looking fierce as she stands there both hands beside her self, one holding files of a young female that layed in her medical room.

Dross: Suddenly standing up, looking heroic and at the same time also fierce he slams his pencil holding hand on his desk as the light shines off his black specticles, "How dare you!!!!" As he holds both his hands up, "I speak of love and passion, not one of meaningless touchy touchy, but one of real meaning!!! There is only equality in a relationship of mine!! And I the great Dross wish to share it with the young sexy Knottalia!!!You!!!"

Knottalia: Listening to him ramble she merely perks a brow crossing her arms pulling a face of what seems to be (I can't beleive I'm here) shaking her head from left to right tapping her foot to one side. Not able to take any more of this foolishness she suddenly kicks Dross up in the chin causing him to backflip on himself and slam his head on the desk colapsing on the floor.

Dross: Still bleeding from his nose from the sight he saw from Miss Knottalia lifting her leg up to kick him, "Ohh...How cruel you can be...Geh..."

Knottalia: Literally shouting "I came to show you these reports damn it!!!" Calming herself down she flickers a part of her fiery hair to one side as she looks down to Dross, "Something is going on outside your borders..."

Dross: Lifting himself up seeming seriose, taking the needle out form his forehead and pushing up his glasses slightly. "Ohh, is that so..."

Suddnely being interupted by a clone of gentleman jokers, which both recognized immediantly, the clone motioned towards the door wanting Miss Knottalia to go into the hall way.

Knottalia: "Please excuse me Lord Dross" as she bows and walks towards the hall way exiting his office.

Dross: "Of course" as his glasses shimmer in a flash with a bright smile coming from his face. "Because I found..."


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Re: Medical Mystery!

Post  Gentleman Joker on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:39 pm

The Gentleman Joker clone steps out after Miss Knottilia and closes the door. Turning to her, he speaks, "My lady Knotty, my creator summons for you at the Medical Ward."

He gestures for her to walk with him in the direction of the Medical Ward. As he begins to walk alongside her, he adds, "It will indeed intrigue you, my lady. One of my own has....Change." The word 'change' seem to stick in the clones throat.
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