New States of time

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New States of time

Post  KriiVanWinters on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:58 pm

Hello teachers and students, Dross here. I'm here to inform you that different times of day will now be placed, and sometimes lessons will be cut short from cerain times of days that will be used I.E Dusk, Dawn, Mid-day or nighttime.

Reason is to give each thread a chance to be active as well as being able to use the different areas of the academy such as the town or forests, as well as having your time to sleep or go onto mid-niht walks, use your imagination. There for I will be placing updates in certain lessons that I see fit.

Please look out for updates such as this, and use the time that is given to you to have a fun experince with your fellow students and teachers with off duty terms.

Good day.

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