Lord Dross The OverLord Of The NetherWorld..And Head Teacher

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Lord Dross The OverLord Of The NetherWorld..And Head Teacher

Post  KriiVanWinters on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:24 pm

Lord Dross is the OverLord of the Nether world, as well as the headmaster of this Evil Academy. He has the final say of things from missions/Roster as well as subjects and studence acts. One thing about Dross is that he is a pervert, so do not take anything to heart if he looks at you in a odd way....He will NOT be doing this to Males and will mostly be doing this to Teachers, do not be shy to speak to an Overlord just do not upset him. He's very sencitive >_>.

In all seriocness however he will be mkaing the plans for certain studnce as well as appointing new teachers and looking for new help and guardians for the Academy. Yes you will be sent to his office (If you can get there alive) and he will have words with you if you are out of line in any way. The Expelsion thread is where studence are expelled from the Academy and will NEVER, be coming back. Granted this is a Evil Academy but there are times and places where it is appropriote to be silly, this can include classes but in certain modiration.

Do have fun, and as a heads up. Dross has a Son and Daughter in the Academy and are pretty populare, get on thier good side. And they might notice you as a friend.

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