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Post  KriiVanWinters on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:16 pm

The Training is a battle ground where you prove your fighting power against your opponents, 1 vs 1 fights and 2 vs 2 fights. This is set up in the OOC ( Out Of Character) thread where you look for challenges, to look for a challenge create a new threat in the OOC by using your name as a title and what fight your looking for E.G (KriiVanWinters: 1 vs 1 challenge). After you give the details of the type of fight, you will then describe the layout of the training area you wish to fight in, such as labarymth of a grand library where you hunt each other down, each book has a certain power once opened but who knows if it will damage you or your foe. Once the battle ground has been set, you then pick what character you will use. It can be from any gender of roleplay. But it must be first approved by me.

Where you create characters of any sex,race ,powers/abilities and appearance, anything that your imagination can think of. But the character must be BALANCED he can not be overloaded with power, and must carry a set of proper skills and powers, Once your character is created await a message in the approval character thread, PLEASE CHECK DAILY. You never know when you have a new character at hand.


Respect everyone on this site. It is a rule of life that will be applied here. There should be no reason why you are cursing and flaming another member. You respect everyone, including the admin and moderator here. We are all a happy community willing to lend a hand. As the saying goes, ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Treat everyone as you would liked to be treated. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable and is being disrespectful, please alert one of the admins and moderators.


Don’t act like children. It is as simple as that. We are a friendly community, but that doesn’t mean we are baby-sitters. Be at peace and think of us as a home away from home or an escape. That doesn’t mean you go around cursing everyone in sight and throw a tantrum. Do not harass anyone in anyway. This is a place where everyone should feel welcome and unthreatened. If someone is harassing you, don’t continue it by going back and forth. Alert authority. Also, no cruel jokes like racism are allowed here.


Not tolerated here. No one wants their work taken so don’t do it. It isn’t your work so you have no right to it. You can discuss about it and ask the author’s permission to post certain pieces somewhere, but do not take it under your name. That not only is immature, but against the law. You will not get a warning for this. You will be banned without notice.


The admin and moderators created the site and keep it active. We have the final say in a decision once we have taken action. Do not argue with us for that only looks poorly on you. You can talk to us about problems but don’t argue about a warning or action.

Should and Shouldn’t do:
Don’t use emotion similes or robots. The role-play should be formed like a story. No pornography. Mature content is allowed but follow the restrictions. Moderate cursing is allowed as long as you are in character. Don’t write OOC comments in the IC thread. Don’t God-mod someone else’s character. No one likes that and people quickly loose interest in a role-play where everything is formed for them. It is creative writing so let your partner(s) have a chance to further the plot in their own way. You are welcome to use color, but make sure it is readable. Same with your font. Don't make it really small or too big. You should also space your paragraphs. It makes it easier to read. We aren't trying to restrict your writing style, but opening a page to see a huge block of text deters people from wanting to read it and it also allows for easy editing.

Violation of said rules do have penalties. Depending on the offense it can range from being banned if the action was severe enough, or three levels of warning. First you get an unofficial warning like a tap on the shoulder. Then you get the second warning. You are then under watch by the admins and moderators to ensure you do not overstep your bounds again. The third and final warning will be accompanied by an action may it be deletion of certain topics or being banned.

As long as the rules are followed, we hope to enjoy your company in this community. Please enjoy the site.

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