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It's very peaceful at night, isn't it?
Nothing can harm you,
But mere shadows,
Searching for one's heart,
But yours... yours they will never have,
My darling manipulator...
But at night, sister of mine,
No one can hear you scream,
Kekeke, the darkness can engulf,
Even the lightest of hearts,
Without darkness,
Light does not exist...
Those voices... my friends,
My consciences,
My lullabyes... aren't they beautiful?
Listening to each,
Is like a melody from heaven,
From hell,
From my very existence,
Without them, I am nothing...
Do you understand?

Night time. One of her favourite times, despite the dangers, the fears, everything. Somehow, they didn't seem to bother her. "I'm not afraid..." who was she kidding? Was she really afraid? Or wasn't she? One voice said...
"There is nothing to fear,
my darling,
I won't let anything harm you..."
Whilst the other spoke to her mind...
admit it,
you're scared,
a scared little girl,
just like a child... without their mother,
you rely on too much...

The young girl sighed as she looked down at the two whose voices spoke to her, she was perched like a gargoyle by the edge of the rooftop where she remained, playing with the strings that belonged to two female marionettes, almost as if she was acting out her own special play with the two. She wasn't alone though, they were there, they could speak to her in ways unimaginable.

She smiled as she raised the white and blue marionette up to her face as if inspecting it, her smile grew strangely twisted, though it was natural, as the marionette smiled back. The pale, red and black one twitched on its own, wanting the attention that her sister was getting. The raven haired girl aimed her odd smile at the jealous marionette and also raised her to her face.

"Are you alright, Dia? Do you need a hug?" the girl spoke rarher childishly as she purposely dropped the two, she could the look of alarm on their faces, but she wouldn't let them fall. Instead, she reached out and placed her hands around their small bodies, with a micheivous giggle, she pulled them close and hugged them like a small child.
Must you do that?
I don't like it,
and it's very annoying...

the sadistic marionette's eyes rolled,
her head twitched to the side,
indicating her annoyance.
"She has every right to,
my sister,
Heart can do whatever she wants,"

the white one said to her malicious sister,
her head tilt back slighly as her gaze fixated on her manipulator,
a sheepish smile appear "though,
I would prefer it if you would warn us next time?"

Heart merely nodded, her strange yet childish smile still plastered on her face. "Sorry, Angel, I will be more careful next time, 'kays?" she went back to hugging them, her eyes gazed up at the stars in the night sky, bright and shimmering. She gazed in wonder at the sky, much like a child's first time watching fireworks, she was fascinated...

Completely void of the dangers around her.

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