Different stories and situations

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Different stories and situations

Post  KriiVanWinters on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:58 pm

Hello there dear students and teachers, I would like to inform you that most of the Academy's places such as the towns, forests, dorms as well as lessons quests special events ect ect. Are almost at thier climax state of being finished, I would ask that you begin to experiment and use these variouse threads to create situations as well as involvment between other characters.

Whilst the teachers are away at the moment there are variouse activities the students can do, for example go into town and have a look around or perhaps relax in the dorms, or venture out into Ziel's Forests. The choice is upto you. Please use your characters wisely as well as there timing in the Academy, if it's time for a lesson and you know you are in it. Please go immediantly, there are such things as detentions as well as...Punishments for not attending of being late without a good reason.

I would also erge the students to use the dorms, forest and towns as well as training and arena area's as much as possible. Perhaps in thier free time or to settle a score, don't forget there is no limit to the space on what and where you can go or do, just use your time WISELY!!! And check other threads/stories to see the situation on what is going on as well as predicting the timing on what you can do, do not forget the time of day does effect situations in the academy. For example after school is finished in the announcments Dross will tell you, so you can then go and do your own things. So please check here regularly!!!!!!

Right now is avalability in time for the students to firmiliarise themselves with the grounds as well as the border land of the Academy. Have a good day.

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