TempesT-RawR's characters

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TempesT-RawR's characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:43 pm

Name: Erion Mason

Age: 16

Race: hume

Homeworld: netherworld,

Occupation: Student

Appearance: 5'11, 88 kg, azure blue eye's, dark brown neck length hair; white shirt with the left arm sleeve rolled to the elbow. Dark blue jeans, white and black belt, black leather boots, black leather fingerless glove on the left hand.

Weapons: shadow-Splitter
- this katana reflects light at an accelerated rate, allowing it to blind the opponent at his command. This can be prevented with simple sun glasses.

Powers/Skills: the more injured erion gets, the more powerful his air manipulating abilities.

Minor injuries; aegis blades- the wind is highly sharpened, and can be shot at target(s) at high speed.

Major injuries: aegis' stormcall- it starts to rain in the beginning, but tornadoes sprout around the surrounding area.

Near death/mortal wounds: the breathe of aegis- this remove's all oxygen in a targetted area. This area must be shown with the radius shown in sand.

Personality: calm, mature for his age, gullable, quite sneaky.

Bio/History: being from A family of humans from earth, who were multi-versial hunters. Erion however, was conceived and born in the netherworld. It didn't look like it changed him at all, he excelled in the use of a blade, as everyone did in his family. But when he was 10 and was almost killed in a tragic accident on earth, he had removed all the oxygen in the surrounding air, which killed everyone around him at the time. This was a bad thing as it meant nobody could reach him. Erion tried to learn of his own accord to control his abilities but couldn't develop then with training, they just grew with him as he developed. This was revealed to him by an toddbe messenger. This was because he had been blessed by aegis, goddess of the storm. At the age of 16, erion was sent to his home world to attend the evil academy, and hone his skills. Religious: he follow's the teachings of aegis the goddess of the storm

RolePlay Sample:
A long chuckle rung out through the rain that poured from the sky like a waterfall as blood was shed. The chestnut teen lay on the floor, a blade in stomach. Another, competetor as such. Erion, downed, looked like he was losing. The other approached Erion with grimmace across his lips. "the teacher said you'd be a challenge. Seem's even the authority know nothing." erion's chuckle on got louder, as rain dripped from his lips. "ha. The academy doesn't need an arrogant twat like you," the chuckle turned into a laugh, as the arrogant other was slowly lifted from the floor. He freaked out, as Erion was still floored. "W-Whats going on!?" he screamed, the high pitch of fear and uncertainty gave Erion his well deserved grin, as he got to explain. "you thought i'd let you stab of like that? Fool. You're being taken far away. Aegis has called the storm to claim you." he said, waving as two tornadoes appeared either side of the floating teen, and blood splattered. The rain continued, cleansing erion's wound as the tornadoes cleansed the area.


Theme Song: thunderstruck by ac/dc

Items: a pouch containing a bag of sand, and a set of pills. These pills can only be taken once in a while. This is because it tricks his mind into feeling mortally wounded. This trigger's his ability, although he is in no danger.

Sexual Orientation: hedrosexual

Crushes/Love Interest: interested in almost everything female,

Likes: salt, complaining, hiding.

Dislikes: arrogant people, misuse of power, fish, wine,

Character Number: 1
Very good green lights on this student, just please keep spaceing and create paragraphs when needed.

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Re: TempesT-RawR's characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:28 am

Name: evangellia libre brittannia

Age: her body is 16 but she is 1882

Race: Human

Homeworld: earth 22

Occupation: Student

Appearance: 5'8'', 8stones, long shoulder length jet blue hair, green eye's, white sleeveless jacket (open collar revealing slight cleavage), black combats, army boots, black gloves, white and red armband, with military medals on it, another medal has been turned into a hairclip.

Weapons: 1. The warp glove, this glove is not always worn. He this glove touches a flat surface, a portal is created there, leading to a random dimension.

2. Fold-a gun; this is a pistol, that changes into any gun determined by the amount of power in the shake- the ammo is unlimited as it is leaked from a different dimension.

3. Energy sabers - 3 daggers which blades are beams formed by electricity. They can be extended in size but it costs more of its energy to use. It also regenerates electrical energy by absorbing and transforming kinetic energy gained from movement.

4. Grenade trenchers - grenades that instead of exploding call a blade so fast its
Invisible to the naked eye, to but everything in the grenades radius to pieces.

5.shields of the force - her medals are shields from particular things, only one can be used at given time 1- air force veteran medal - projectile protection 2- frontline veteran medal - physical protection 3. Medical veteran medal - magical protection,

Powers;Skills: none.

Personality: extremely sexist, aggressive, quick tempered, flirtatious amongst women,

Bio/History: Her father was co army general for earth 22, and she was quite the army brat as a child. When she was sixteen, a man had destroyed earth 22's army single handedly and left the world in tatters. A glove left by her father got in to her possession, and out of anger she punched a walk wearing it. This caused it to send her to a different dimension. Going through the portal caused her body to stop ageing. She joined the army in her new dimension and became a renowned veteran before leaving. It took her a thousand years to find a man she loved, who didn't discriminate on her. But she warped herself away from him by mistake, ending up at evil academy.

Religious: none

RolePlay Sample: a long pause broke out before the female skipped her glove off. The glove had just warped her away from her perfect life, and to this hellhole. As she threw it to the side, she started laying into the floor, punching it as hard as she could. "why!? I've ruined everything!" she said, starting to shout. She was hitting so hard she was carving into the floor. Her jet blue hair covered her eye's as she curled into a ball on the floor, sighing. She felt helpless.

Theme Song: This was is ours (the guillotine II)
Items: a bag with her beret in it and other essentials,
Sexual Orientation: lesbian
Crushes/Love Interest: currently none
Likes: wind, lavender, anger like hers in the eyes of someone else
Dislikes: sunflower, happy-go-lucky people, authority.
Green lights on her, just include more of a RolePlay sample on your characters next time, as well as seperating the catagories in future please.

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