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Zillah Brier [Cataclysmic_]

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Name: Zillah Brier

Age: 16

Race: Believed human, but is a demon inhabiting a human body. When first born, the demon was sealed within her, the only way for a demon to survive for a prolonged period in a human’s body.

Homeworld: She believes she was born of hell, but both her parents were Human.

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Long blood red hair that falls just past her waist. She usually wears it down, straightened and backcombed, or sometimes will be seen wearing it in soft pincurls. Her skin is naturally pale, and her complexion could be described as porcelain. This is emphasised by the amount of black eye make-up she wears, which usually spans up to her brow line. Her eyes are a bright green colouring, like newly grown moss, though the closer she becomes allied with darkness, the duller this colour is becoming. Her fashion follows the Japanese Gothic Lolita trend, and as such she tends to wear clothing in dark colours (usually black, red, navy, or purple), and in the typical Lolita style (Bell-shaped skirt, puff-sleeves). He standard outfit is a black and red striped corset worn over a white puff sleeve vest with a black bell-shaped skirt that falls just above her knee. She also wears knee length white socks and black dolly shoes to accompany this.

Height; 5ft 8”

Weight; 135lb.

Weapons: A pair of daggers with ivory handles, engraved with the upside down pentagram.

Powers/Skills: The ability to draw upon, and manipulate darkness, most commonly seen in the form of tendrils. In exchange for the use of it’s power, the darkness requires a blood sacrifice. If she is unable to sacrifice another, she will have to pay with her own blood, thus limiting the uses and extent of her power.
If sacrificing another in order to borrow the power of darkness, she will perform a ritual prior or post battle in which she draws an inverted pentagram upon the ground and spills the blood of her sacrifice. Darkness will then manifest to absorb all blood from the sacrifice. The significance of the pentagram is as acknowledgement and worship to Satan.
Signature attacks
Oblivion; In this attack, Zillah draws the darkness to her hands in the form of a sphere which can then be thrown or fired towards her opponent. It expands on impact, acting almost like a bomb. As the darkness is constantly looking to feed on blood, any blood lost from the opponent will be absorbed.
Nightshade; This is used not to harm the opponent, but to restrict them by taking from them their sight. The victim will be shrouded in darkness, and therefore more vulnerable to oncoming attacks as they rely on their other senses.
Puppet dance; It is possible for Zillah to attach her tendrils to the opponent and them control them as though they were a puppet. However, this hold is not absolute, and there is a possibility that they can be broken with brute strength, or cut by other means.
Dance of the birds; Laying in wait at the side of the battlefield are usually a myriad of birds, dark in colouring (ravens, crows, blackbirds). They are often unnoticed by the enemy, but at anytime, Zillah can call upon them. They usually rush in and circle like a hurricane before they descend upon the victim, clawing, cutting, ripping.
Other than this, Zillah most commonly uses her ability in the form of dark sticky tendrils that latch onto an opponent, slicing at their skin and drawing blood from them. They seem to move at will with the slight manipulation of her thingers, almost like they were threads still attached to her. They can also be used as restraints.

Personality: She is seemingly a very quiet and ominous girl who usually prefers to be by herself. She is generally socially inept, though she rarely makes an effort to socialise with others anyway. She retains her cool and calm exterior for longer than the average person, wishing not to expel unnecessary effort upon those who she need not. She is a very rational and realistic thinker, and likes to have calculated and well articulated plans to put in place. She is intelligent, and picks things up easily. She does however posses a very sadistic streak within her, and when it comes to her kill, she rather enjoys the bloodshed.

Bio/History: She was born to a family who had found themselves to be a part of a magician’s circle. They found their power by summoning demons of the other realm and allowing them free reign of a human vessel until the vessel died. It was said that the only way a demon could remain inside a human vessel without this limit of life was to seal the human inside of a newborn baby with their first breath, and so, with the next birth within the guild, the deed was done. It was, however, kept a secret from everyone but those present at the birth of the child, for fear they would try and steal their so called “weapon”.
Zillah is unaware of what she is. Ever since she was younger, her and her parents have been on the run from various guilds, her parents having not wanted her to become a weapon. She is used to seeing creatures of the unknown that would only usually exist in nightmares, yet has never been allowed a proper explanation as to why they have been chased.
Now in a bid to retain some normality, and to keep her hidden from those who are in search of her, or rather, the demon within her, her parents have sent her to the Dross Evil Academy, a place where she can
hone her skills and learn to protect herself.

Religious: Satanist. She is a theistic Satanist and believes Satan is a real deity to revere and worship. Self-development is important to her as Satanism encourage individuality and freedom of thought. She believes that Christianity does not define good and Satanism does not define evil, but rather the submission to, or rebellion against God. She believes that Satan sends tests in life in order to develop as an individual and values taking responsibility for oneself. She promises to help bring about the will of Satan, and looks to doing so through the study of Magic.

RolePlay Sample:

Listening to the sound of her own footsteps as they echoed through the pitch black night, the crimson haired youth kept her eyes fixed firmly upon the path ahead of her. Despite the darkness, her eyes had somewhat become attuned to the dim light provided only by the half moon, and e¬ven now she could make out the twisted shapes of the old oak tree that had become her “haunt”.

Sitting upon the rough old bark, she instinctively placed her hand out to form a landing platform. Her echoing footsteps had been replaced by the soft cries of a raven as it circled above her and then came to hand upon her forearm. The pallid flesh there was broken by it’s sharp talons, a small flow of crimson dirtying her porcelain skin, but the blood was soon taken care of by the darkness she had come to be so familiar with.

With the pain that had grown to be somewhat pleasurable to her, she knew that that little taste would keep the darkness on her side. As for the raven that had come to rest upon her forearm, she just happened to be particularly fond of the ebony birds, as they happened to somehow be fond of her. She ran her fingertip down it’s soft, glossy feathers and cast her dulling mossy irises back towards the school building. Though she knew where she should be, beneath the blackness of the night this was a secret venture only her and the friend she had made in the airborne animals need know of.


Theme Song: Bleeding Mascara – Atreyu

Items: An inverted pentagram necklace that she wears always around her neck.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual; Pansexuality refers to the potential for sexual attractions, sexual desire, or romantic love, towards people of all gender identities and biological sexes. She considers herself “gender-blind”.

Crushes/Love Interest: None, as of yet.

Likes: Pentagrams, dark and hidden places (caves, hollow trees. Etc.), Symmetry, playing the piano, candlelight (as opposed to synthetic light), Ravens & crows, the number 5, tea.

Dislikes: Socialising, Silence, things that can’t be divided symmetrically.

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