Teacher Training: Munch & Mingle?

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Teacher Training: Munch & Mingle?

Post  KriiVanWinters on Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:33 pm

Hello, hello, hello my dear dear Teachers!!!

Yes it is I your almighty and powerful OverLord Dross here!!! I'm here to tell you my dear learned teachers that it is a training day, yes indeed it is! To show me what you got that makes you sooooooo, special and in a sence worthy to teach these darling students *Laughs in the announcments* Indeed, today we are going to take a little trip into the mortal world of Earth, home of the humans as most would call it.

To a special little town called Doomar, yes by it's name it sounds welcoming doesnt it? However this town is as I said before. Quiet special, considering it's filled with...Well...That'll be our suprise, and don't worry I shall accompany you in observation, see I can not allow this town to be....Over run as it were...This town holds many secrets indeed, as well as some very special characters. I need you...To find the Medical care taker for my Academy, Her name is Knotty a piculiar young woman. And...Very...Attractive...*a shudder comes over the announcments* Hehehe...*coughs getting back into character* Knotty is of the upmost importance and will need recovery as soon as possible.

As for a heads up Teachers....There is a vast network of Catacombs running under this town, it was used for pilgramige as well as a place of berrial and prayers. I advice caution especially from Noon sun up to Noon sun down. That is all.

Over ground of the church area:

Catacomb intec readings (So far no active movement)

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