Student: Nyx's diary

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Student: Nyx's diary

Post  KriiVanWinters on Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:52 am

Dear Diary

Today I saw nothing as per usual and amwriting down due to big brothers help, lucky I have such a helpful brother huh? I heard many things and smelt different sences which was lovely as well as heard children playing across the streets of twisted twilight the street where I get my sweets and most food from like Ottors noses or sugar plume fairy wings.

Most people keep telling me to change to my demon form just because I can see, is that really the right thing to do? I mean I can controle my Aura and Presence level down to my normal physical form, but should I? I mean I can see after all, and my features are more attendative than this one.

Perhaps I should try it one day, just for a day. I mean after all it could be fun plus I have my big brother with me, I do like this form by the way...It's nice....Not having to see the uglyness of this world, poor father having to rule a place where the borders are the outlands of his law, sure everything else is peachy. However the forbidden outlands is just a twisted and crazed place where the deadly monsters are and lost souls of the conquered which father banished. Such sadness for those whom defended what they thought was right.

Well It'll be my first day at my father's Academy, I hope it'll be fun and make lots of friends, but I hope Ziel will be close. I dont like it when I'm alone on my first day of school, ohh and I heard there are a few great and fun teachers this year, can't wait.

Well till we meet again!


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