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KriiVanWinters Characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:25 pm

Name:Over Lord Dross

Age:Unknown-(Looks 26)

Race:OverLord/Devil/(hybrid to human emotions)

Homeworld:NetherWorld/The Dogma Rift


Appearance:Long PureWhite hanged hair reaching down to the end of his back, white skinned as well as a well build physique. One light honey suckle orange eye and one Crimson red eye, One black eye patch with the insignia of the NetherWorld on it's surface, A scar crossing over his patched eye from one end to anouther. Long black butler/cloak like suit along with matching leggings and shoes (Looks like a gentelman) along with a top hat. Has the Insignia of the NetherWorld on the top left of his suit as well as his famly crest in the shape of a ring on his right hand on his index finger. ( ut this is when he wants clothes on)

Weapons: A Forsaken sword named Wrath, which has the fury and destruction of the OVerLords before him, able to shatter almost any mortal and immortal weapon alike, however any weapon that matches the OverLords Darkma (Sheer Will) will force the blade into a dead lock with that weapon.

Weapon 2: Solcia (A summoned weapon) The Holy Weapon of a Fallen Angel turned Devil, This weapon negates all holy/spiritual effects to it's wielder as well as forcing the air around the user to thicken mkaing it hard for his foe's to breath ad slowly lose strength of consiousness, which ever comes first. (The Wielder of this weapon must surrender his/her soul to the OverLord if it isn't the overLord of posesses it already).

1.Anniahlation: Using all forms of weaponry from rappid suummons he is able to summon all manors of weapons and have spectors do his work by completly obliterating an area from existance.

2.NightMare: From his covered eye he is able to form his foes deepest nightmares and force it into reality, from setting them ontop of burning building to having thier body mutilated. Dross shows no mercy

3. Eternal Grievance: Dross takes his foe's skin and wrapes them up into a bag of thier own skin, also forcing seals to stop them from breaking free.

4. Soul Force: From the mere preasure of Dross's presence he is able to force out his Aura and Soul preasure, causing his enemies to feel extremly heavy over time and duration eventually mkaing them weak and helpless.

5. Elementaler: Able to controle the elements known to mankind as well as legends tell, Dross is also able to negate the effects of anouther character weither it be to them selves or to the area around them. Using the elements alsoplaced Dross to an advantage in the mortal world, where it's physical manifestation becomes much stronger.

6.Shackle: Summoning NetherWorld chains, they curl around his foe's and wrap around them nailing them selves to his enemies limbs and body. Causing them to be held in one place, as well as bleed at the same time.

7.Mastery: Dross from his years of living is able to work any weapon to his fullest and can easily master any weaponry he deems worthy to be used by him.

8.Banishment: Able to destroy an effect that is caused to Dross weither it be to him physicaly, or the area around him. This effect can still be done towards his enemies, debuffing them.

9. Soul Fragment: Able to controle two enemy bodies at the same time, and force them to bend to his will weither they stand and fight, or play jump rope together. (This can only last for a certain periode of time, due to how strong a charaters free will is)

10.This Is My World: Forcing the NetherWorld it's self to shift, Dross can force the NetherWorld to shift in terrain of weather, manipulate the skies and elements that controle it, also he forces the very nature to change such as bringing it to life, or changing it'sgravity. (The Weather of the NetherWorld changes from hos OverLord Dross is feeling)

Personality:A strong personality and energetic in a sence. He is also a pervert and a strange father to his kids.

However when angered or fustrated, Dross becomes either the deadly silent type or the fearless fully blown angered type, either one is able to unnerve his foes into the mysteriouse reaches of Dross's power weither it be in the NetherWorld or in anouther relm all together.

Bio/History:Born Heir to the Throne Dross was a conquerer at a young age and proved his other 392 brothers and sisters weaklings compared to his strength, might, strategy, and uncontrollable thirst for women and thier panties, the only thing that forces Dross to work so hard was his desire to be able to do anything and not get in trouble for it. And what better way to do that than become the OverLord. However his Strength frightened many Lords of the Netherworld and impressed a few, uprisings were raised and felled by the hands of Dross, due to his superior strength and unnatural powers even for those in the NetherWorld. Dross is known through out all the Relms of many, many universes. Thus making his Academy Universal wide, where young monsters, demons and Angels. Mythical beasts as well as Gods and mortals alike, come to learn at this Grand Academy. Being a OverLord Dross also awaits the Death and Gods and mortals, guiding them to thier resting place. Being one of the few responcibilities. Luckily he also has time for being a teacher, and messing around. Able to sence all and hear all Dross is the owner of the NetherWorld as well as having huge advantages in other relms. Thus making him more or less the powerfullest being in existance, only his pervyness is his set back.

Religious:None considering Dross is a living Legend which people beleive in thier own ways.
RolePlay Sample: Standing there on the balcony, looking out towards the savage lands of his Kingdoms borders, Dross with his Crimson eye showing smirks with a pointed fang lightly showing. Taking a deep sniff he looks suddenly to one side and sneaks on the side of a wall.

"Smells like..." As his eyes widened "30 E cup?!!!" As he looks over in excitment. Low and behold he stares at one of his reseptionists placing on her bra with her back towards him, she looks over with big eyes as she suddnely screams. Dross his perverted eyes and dribble running off his mouth laughs like a demented maniac as he jumps up towards this half nudy woman.

Suddenly with a smash, Dross ends up on the floor. A tiny fountain of blood floatsfrom his nose as a grin stays on his face and a light laughter comes from his lips, "Pervert!" As the she-demon walks out from the room, "I don't care...What happened..." In a hurt felled voice "The pain...Is worth is...Argh.." His head turned to one side and his eyes closed Dross lays there still with a happy saticfied smile.

Theme Song:

Items:His Family crest in the form of a ring, as well as the bandage he keeps wrapped around his honey suckle eye that was given to him by his wife.

Always carrying chains around his arms and neck, this shows Dross has conquered the NetherWorld and thus forcing him to stay ruler until his heir carries his title. He can still roam free outside the NetherWorld, but he will always belong there. The NetherWorld is him

Sexual Orientation:Straight,Hetrosexual
Crushes/Love Interest:Women in general, but none to be loved yet
Likes:Woman, fine melody music, fine foods, training/fighting, secrecy
Dislikes:no perversion per day, not conversating with anyone, not having fun on a daily basis

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Re: KriiVanWinters Characters

Post  KriiVanWinters on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:21 pm

Name: Knottalia/Lilah Vixen

Age; 20

Gender: Female

Race: Fallen Angel

HomeWorld: Lethirell

Occupation: Nurse/receptionist

Apearance: Knottalia: Long dark red fiery hair that reachers beyond her sholders, Black eyes with the Iris as a dark phantom yellow, an innocent and young face, along with patterns that reach up her face and crall down her entire body. Natural skin/shell type armor that covers the private parts of her body, but shows a lot of skin, arms and hands in perticulare covered in a demonic hard skin. Standing at 5'11 and weight of 140 lb due to her very slender and proportioned body with her breast size as a G size bust.

Lilah: Innocent in face and posture, she is the counter part of Knottalia, she has all the body sizes of Knottalia apart from her appearance, innocently long hair that flows past her shoulders with a dark purple colour, normally with ribbons in her hair, mostly the top and sides. However in difference she has long dark purple wings that stretch over 8 ft in length, wearing a dress made of a lovely purple silk gown

Weapon: A giant Alemantiam bow, with extreme weight to it, fires magical as well as normal arrows, the ammo does not run out due to the bows capability to duplicate the arrows once it is shot, thus always having arrows on rserve, the most part of arrow use is giant bolts that can tear up the ground once it is shot, this bow is armor peircing as well as magical peircing such as barriers, as well as interception of spells.

1) Barrage, allowing the Lilah/Knottalia to unleash her massive bolts into the air, showering her enemies in millions upon millions of arrows, mostly ballista bolts.

2) Being trained in the medical profession she can heal any wound as well as curse magical curses, hex's, scars, scratches, regeneration of limbs, regeneration of orgins and regrowth of bones.

3) Magical resistance, highly resistance to curses and hex's of any sort, she is also highly resistant to all elements and mind manipulation or sences of any kind.

4) being a Fallen Angel her voice is the sound of pure innocents and magic, lulling her enemies into a trance or even to sleep IF SHE DEEMS IT. She also uses her voice to manipulate the habitate around her, from tree's and plants to animals and even some of the elements.

5) Mana parasit, unleashing a powerful shock wave across the ground as well as the air, the tainted area saps magical energy to reheal the Earth's area for it's self. As well as giving Knottalia/ Lilah's magical reistance.

6) Archer mastery allows her to hit her enemies 90% or the time, she also can hit her enemy(s) in preasure point crippling them in different areas.

7) Using her wings Lilah can form a extremly strong shield across her body that can withstand and deflect physical attacks, she also has the ability to fly when seriocly damaged as well as causing sonic lasts his her own wings, this alow allows her to controle the element of wind with her wings.

Cool Magical destruction, letting both Knottalia and Lilah to destroy magic of any kind with thier arrows, from magical shields, barriers. To dispelling effects from others and intercepting magical attacks with her arows.

Personality: Knottalia, a inpulsive and flirty young woman, she uses her body as an advantage over others, if that doesnt work she is a very pursuasive and intelligent young woman, who gets hot headed at dangerouse times including fights. However when in a fight she finds pleasure from it.

Lilah, the counter part of Knottaliwa, she is the complete opposite, innocent, careing and always wanting to help others. She unintentionally shows off her body due to her proportion of her bust and behind. She also has a nack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and is accident pron, she does however like Dross's son Ziel and trys to make herself likable to him when ever she is round him.


Not much is known about Knottalia/Lilah, they were a host of Heaven and fought against Satan, as well as Dross's father. But Heaven failed by trying to dominate the NetherWorld and the now Fallen Angel resided there ever since, but perhaps there was a reason.

Religon: None anymore.

RolePlay Sample:

Lilah walking down the town streets for the shopping that was needed for her house, her new job at this grant Academy, placing a finge to her lips she merely smiled thinking to herself about the many teachers and students she will meet. As well as this OverLord "Lord Dross" she said out loud, her breasts bouncing from side to side as he strolled down the streets. Suddenly looking to one side as her wings streched out casting a shadow oer the window she glanced through.

"Interesting collection of dolls" pressing her self against the glass along with her breasts, the shop keeper looked up to see this heavenly sight before falling over from having a nose bleed, but due to the shops darkness Lilah could hardly see anything in there.

"I guess it's time to head back..." Turning around the mirror of the window showed her counterpart, Knottalia who seemed extremly dangerouse to those who didn't know her, "Time to meet Lord Dross..." With the reply coming through the window shops, "Indeed".

Theme Tune:
Sexual Oriantation: Straight/Hetroshttp:for both of them
Items:Merely Lila's Wings and Knotalia's demonic arms, hands
Crushes/Love: None yet
Likes: (both) medical items, fights at appropriate times, flirting (accidentaly), light colours, flames, silent breezes.

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