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Post  BrokenMarionette on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:16 pm

Name: Ms. Luna Cy

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Porcelain Human/Witch

Homeworld: Dementia

Occupation: Killergarten Teacher - In charge of teaching younger children their first steps of killing, accepting insanity, and torture.

Appearance: Insanity never appeared to be so beautiful, or... in such a beautiful form. Luna is your typical motherly figure, despite her personality, she possess extraordinary beauty, exactly that of a porcelain doll. Her skin is a deathly pale and soft to the touch, though being partially made of porcelain, she will crack here and there, especially when frustrated or entering her demented state, however, she's capable of feeling pain, blushing, and the cold touch of rain running down her skin. She appears to have fang-like teeth that can be seen when she smiles and her lips are coated in purple.

Luna's hair is a obsidian black with half tied up, decorated with hair sticks and a few cobwebs, one of which is where her pet black widow spider, Hollow, lives in, dropping down from her hair every so often. Her eyes are darkly rimmed with thick eye lashes, they're coloured a hazy purple filled with motherly love, but with that noticeable hint of insanity. The most noticeable part of her body is her... ahem, F sized... "rack", they provide both cushion and comfort for her dearest children whenever they're feeling a little down, they're certainly not that hard to miss... especially when she falls on you! They also jiggle...*shifty eyes*

Her attire consists on a rather gothic geisha theme, comprised of a grey-black geisha dress with white web and rose motifs, which leaves uncovered, Luna's left leg. She only wears the left sleeve, leaving the right pending down and leaving her right arm uncovered. Her chest is covered with blood-stained bandages. She also wears a long purple ribbon around her waist. She wears black high heeled shoes, with this outfit she also has some purple and dead flowers in her hair and a black lace garter around her left thigh where she keeps her doll that looks exactly like her. This outfit makes her seem more mature and elegant, though people can be fooled by it.

Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: Secret

Weapon: The Blank Doll - Harmless, yes? In the hands of Luna, no. Due to her expertise in the Dark Arts, Luna is capable of copying her enemy's form exactly by using her Blank Doll.


Torment; This is when Luna's Blank Doll takes on the form of her enemy, she's able to torture it which will then affect the enemy at the same time, she will use various methods, each with their own affect.

LullaDie; Using her remarkable yet eerie singing, Luna is able to lull her enemies to sleep, she'll either torture them later on, or kill them on the spot. However, she wouldn't ever dream of hurting her precious children.

Web; A lover of spiders, thousands will emerge from Luna's hair and clothing, swarming towards the enemy and will soon crawl all over them, spinning webs to case them in so they cannot escape. Their fate is a mystery to all those except Luna.

Hollow; Using Hollow to throw at the enemy whilst Luna holds onto the web spinning out of her, using it as a whip, however, Hollow's web is anything but ordinary. It's sharped than cheese wire and can slice an enemy's skin.

Personality: Motherly yet eerily comforting towards her dear children, unknown to many, Luna could be interpreted as gentle yet manipulative when helping her little soon-to-be terrors. She would never dream of hurting her dearest devils, praising them for each and every bad little thing that they do. Luna has a deep love of spiders, many can be found in the corners of her classroom and office, finding their webs to be beautiful and add the perfect touch to her rooms.

Towards her fellow colleagues, such as other teachers, Luna is professional and well spoken, if not sometimes a little bit childish due to being around her children for far too long. She can be quite shy and flustered when around men who take an interest in her. In general, Luna is very kind and motherly yet mischievous and childish... opposed to her outbursts of insanity that happen on occasion, bursting out into manic laughter all of a sudden, twitching every so often, and cracks often appear on the porcelain parts of her body.

When it comes to a much darker side of Luna, she is... to put it bluntly, a complete and utter lunatic, being more than capable to develop and act upon her sadistic thoughts, perform disturbing acts of torture, and tormenting others... one would almost think she was schizophrenic. Lastly, she most definitely doesn't fool around when it comes to fighting.

Bio/History: Luna has never spoken of her life before she was interviewed to become a teacher at Evil Academy, however, she works within the Killergarten area, guiding the younger children through their first steps of insanity and torture. Only she runs this area, along with maintaining it and the disturbing playground outside the playroom. On occasion, Luna mentions that she was once married... however, it soon ended after her love died of mysterious poisoning...

Religious: Insanity is what she lives by, 'til reality do they part.

RolePlay Sample:

Walking down the hallway of the academy, register book in hand but held to her stomach, Ms. Luna Cy, the academy's Killergarten teacher simply made her way to the playroom for future teaching. Oh, how she enjoyed each and every day teaching her dear little nightmares, cradling them close to her bosom whenever their insanity got too much for them handle, watching the slowly progress with their torturing methods... she was so proud of them all.

Jiggle... jiggle...

Turning her head to the side, she noticed an older student staring at her, oblivious to what he was staring at, she just merely smiled and waved then carried on ahead. The next thing she heard was a sound similar to a pipe bursting, this startled her and so then again, she turned only to see the boy now on the floor with his friends around him, blood seemed to be coming out of the boy's nose.

"Oh dear... I wonder what happened to the poor thing," she said in concern with a small pout on her purple lips "maybe one of his friends must've accidentally hit him... oh well, I'm sure he'll be alright." With a smile, she made her way to the playroom where her children would be waiting, again she passed another group of boys along with two male teachers once she was outside the playroom.

Jiggle... jiggle...

This time she didn't turn to wave, in fact, she hadn't even noticed them. And so she opened the door and walked into the playroom, her children were already playing, some tearing the heads off of dolls, other painting with a red substance, and others stacking knives like cards. It was a sight that made Luna's heart melt with love and adoration. Oh, how she cherished her tiny terrors.

Once the door closed, she heard several thuds from outside followed by blood splattering on the window of her door. It made her jump slightly and everyone in the room was silent, even her children stared. Luna just shook her head, smiling at her children. "Oh, well... let us begin now, my darling deviants," she said in an eerie yet motherly tone.


Theme Song:


Spider Vial - In the form of a necklace, this contains four hundred milligrams of necrotic venom.

Epoxy Glue - Luna keeps this on her whenever she "cracks" which causes her perfection to be cracked, so at least with this on her she's able to touch up a little, quite a bit like make-up.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crushes/Love Interest: She'd never tell.

Likes: Dead Roses, Spiders, Solitude, Children, Black, Purple, Her Insanity, Voices, and Porcelain Dolls.

Dislikes: Her Pets Being Harmed, Breaking/Cracking, Bright Colours, Fresh Roses, Being Interrupted, Butterflies, and Bright Places.

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Re: BrokenMarionette's Characters

Post  BrokenMarionette on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:32 pm

Name: Heart De Larmes Marionette

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Marionette Manipulator

Homeworld: Asylumentis

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Heart is not exceptionally beautiful, but neither is she ugly. She has silky, unkempt, obsidian black hair with side swept bangs and reaching halfway down her back, it's neat, though sometimes looks as if it hasn't been combed, she doesn't like people touching it as it is very discomforting for her when someone she doesn't trust touches it.

Her almond shaped eyes are an extroadinarily bright sapphire blue, though her left is much dimmer considering she is blind in that particular eye, these eyes are rimmed with elegant, thick black eyelashes that do show lack of sleep. Concern, curiosity, worry, wonder, and sadness are mostly expressed through these eyes of hers, though with her gentle features, she can look a little uneven, especially when smiling whilst her eyes show some sort of negative emotion.

She has rather light, porcelain, deathly pale skin. She holds a small stitched scar on her forehead, though has a few more around her body somewhere due to abuse, accidents, and getting into fights, they're only easily seen on her back. Her expression rarely ever changes, she always appears to look either depressed or just plain blank, not many people tend to go near her. Heart has a lot of upper arm strength, so her arms do hold a little muscle, but not so much to make her look masculine, she has a very feminine body with long vigorous legs that are great for running, curved hips and a small waist followed by a medium bust, her shoulders are none too small or broad.

Heart's clothing style is somewhat Lolita. She wears a white long sleeved shirt with the top butto undone and black gothic crucifixes on the cuffs and buttons, over this shirt she wears a black gothic lolita corset dress with three layers and reaching an inch above her knees, followed by black lace thigh length stockings and black lolita bow shoes. She also carries around a black lace parasol which she sometimes uses to hit people over the head with.

Height: 5ft 9inches
Weight: 78kg

Angel's Appearance: Angel is a pale marionette, though appear to look more like a doll, just like her sister. She has shoulder length white hair and pale blue eyes, she is a very beautiful marionette and wears a long pale blue corset dress in a Victorian style. On her left collarbone she has a black mark in the shape of half the Gemini zodiac symbol.

Height: 1ft 2inches
Weight: 1 kg

Dia's Appearance: Dia is a deathly pale marionette with a face painted with gothic make up such as crimson lips and black shadowy eyes, opposite to that of her sister's more angelic features. She's beautiful just like her sister, if not a little bit scary, she's also just slightly shorter than her sister. She has knee length black hair and red eyes, though her lips are closed together due to black stitches. She wears the same dress as her sister, but in dark red. On her right collarbone she has a black mark in the shape of half the Gemini zodiac symbol.

Height: 1ft
Weight: 1 kg

Weapons: The Twin Marionettes

Angelus {Angel} Conscientia;; Suspended by fine black strings that can give you so much as a paper cut just by touching them, idicating for the holder to stay away. Angel is in fact a live marionette doll, possessed you could say, she acts as Heart's good conscience, making sure her heart is light and good. She is much different than her twin marionette sister, Dia, her personality is mostly calm and caring, very motherly also, she is the first created out of her twin, thus making her the oldest.

Angel's body holds a light crystal within her that acts as a heart, this causes her to engulf herself in light.

Diabolus {Dia} Conscientia;; Suspended by deep red strings that act much like cheese wire, it could easily cause dismemberment, she doesn't like to be touched at all. Dia is also live, like her twin Angel, though cannot talk... well, she can, though Heart has stitched her mouth up due to her uncontrolable insane laughter that causes her sadism, so she is able to get into Heart's head, thus acting as a slight mind manipulator, however, Angel does her best to keep Dia from causing Heart to make any bad decisions. She was made after her sister, so that makes her the youngest out of the two. Considering she isn't allowed to speak, Dia is much more characteristic and expressive than Angel, a twisted look is always seen in her eyes, and will jerk and jolt around violently no matter what her mood.

Dia's body holds a dark crystal within her that acts as a heart, this causes her to engulf herself in darkness.

She needs both Dia and Angel with her at all times! Also, no one else is able to hold or control them, only Heart.

Heart also carries around with her, carving tools she uses in order to make new marionettes, like small knives, she uses them to keep people away.

Powers/Skills: Heart's actions on the battlefield, she's capable in the art of Capoiera, though uses her hand-to-hand combat fighting whilst armed with her two marionette's, flailing them much like a professional yo yoist, using them either like yoyo's, or a ball and chain whilst she will use only her legs to attack an enemy.

Light Angel; Her body is engulfed in rays of light and can be used to attack the enemy, or enemies, the light is so bright that it could blind those who are not use to it for a short period of time. Once a person is hit, the worst torture for such a dark person is the sound of holy voices, they will begin to hear them after being hit, but only for five minutes at the very least.

Dark Dia; Her body is engulfed in darkness without harming her and can be used to attack the enemy, or enemies, chances are they will become exposed to the darkness if hit and slowly being surrounded by tormenting voices, this is also able to blind a persons vision for a while.

These attacks can be turned on and off whenever Heart wishes, much like a light switch.

Insanity Hysteria; This is something Heart never wishes to do, she will cut the stitches on Dia's mouth, thus causing her insane laughter take over, the laughter will soon activate the dark crystal in Dia's heart, causing a trail of darkness to build up to her throat. This attack grants Dia the ability to breathe the darkness and cover the enemy.

Harlequin Sadist; This is by far gory. Angel is thrown to wrap herself around and enemy whilst Dia is thrown to go straight through the chest and out from the back of the enemy, their ribcage and spine would break upon entry, though it depends on the enemy.

Harlequin Massacre; Much like Harlequin Sadist, Angel is thrown, though this time she is able to wrap herself around ten to twenty enemies whillst Dia can be thrown through all their chests and backs, she will then return through their heads, her strings will slice the areas between their chests and heads.

Combined Gemini; Dia and Angel work together on this one, first Dia is lashed out at the enemy and will violently thrash and claw at them before being pulled back, and then Angel is thrown, her strings wrapping around the enemy, this is when Heart comes in, she'll flip herself towards the enemy various times to build up enough speed and power when it'll come to attacking, her feet will then come crashing down on the face of the enemy before pulling hard on Angel's strings, the force of this is so great at the enemy will be thrown into the air after Angel is unwrapped around them, Heart will finally leap up and crescent moon kick the enemy before letting them fall.

Dance of Despair; Heart will swing Dia and Angel around her whilst they will grab an enemy each, using them to take out any standing enemies, either one will be spun higher up to take out any flying enemies, they will stop once all enemies are taken out, if the enemy they're using to take out the other enemies is destroyed, they will pick up any victims available.

Fatal Illussion; Quite like a special attack, you might say. Black and red strings will appear on Heart and she will hoisted up into the air, her body will be controlled by an unknown force controlling her strings, which will also cause her to control Dia and Angel. Eerie circus music will play around, the notes will appear behind her and head towards the enemy in smoky black clouds, within these musical clouds are illussions, Dia and Angel are then controlled to gather the enemies, being able to be wrapped around fourty so they can't escape this nightmare, each black mist will cover the enemies eyes, showing them most terrifying visions of what they fear most before Dia and Angel flail, thus releasing them and sending them all in different directions.

Personality: Heart is one that some people may not understand, some people could easily mistake her whilst others might not. She is a very intelligent girl with a psychological mind that never stops thinking, however, due to Dia, Heart's thoughts can be quite dark and disturbing, often telling people what she's thinking, though she doesn't need mental help, though some may think she does, this isn't at all the case.

Insanity is this girl's reality, and truth be told, she actually believes that no one in any world is sane, she finds that insanity and sadism is two entirely different things, although Dia shares her sadistic thoughts with Heart, she does not act on what the twisted marionette says, though it does disturb her, so Angel makes sure to fill Heart's soul with warmth and good words so that Dia's sick thoughts don't harm Heart or affect her actions.

Heart does find that she hallucinates a lot, being diagnosed with scitzophrenia, although she is intelligent, she has major disorganized speech, also known as a thought disorder, sometimes interupting others, going off subject before returning to the subject at hand, and distractible speech.

When she speaks, she'll attempt to annunciate ideas or feelings about another individual, but comes out as evasive or in a diluted form, this'll also include persistent repetition of words and ideas, she sometimes won't stop with what she is saying, even if the person she is speaking to asks her a question, it'll be almost impossible to interupt her, she will also refer to herself a lot and answer her own questions, even substitution of inappropriate words.

Heart has no respect for other people's private space, this is proven due to her constant staring and looking over their shoulders, maybe even getting too close. She gets agitated very easily, mostly suffering from anxiety attacks when getting angry or anxious, causing her to breathe deeply and shake uncontrollably. She can be shy and unresponsive a lot of the time, often walking pass the person who tries to talk to her, or even walking away whilst she or the other person is speaking, she'll either do this when she loses interest, or is bored. She will be very childish at times.

Bio/History: Asylumentis, a kingdom where no sanity shows it's ugly face, this is no kingdom where a king and queen rule, no higher authorities, only a population full of equality, this race being too advanced and intelligent for such things, being able to make their own choices, though each individual has, not their own conscience, but both the light and dark possessing an inanimate object that the individual could keep with them always considering the light and dark would not survive without a shell to keep them in.

The light and dark acted as one part of a person's conscience, there was the good part, and the bad part, though sometimes the darkness would try to devour the heart and minds of the people, though light was always there to keep it away, though day by day... the light made the darkness grow ever so slowly.

An old man by the name of Vincent De Larmes Marionette, a marionette maker, was a poor man, despite his pay. His daughter had died giving birth to his grandchlild, who had yet to be named, the father of the child had left and that ended up with Vincent having to look after the baby girl.

She grew older, her mind began to develop its levels of insanity, her intelligence grew quite quickly, thus making her more insane than most due to the levels or insanity and intelligence needing to be level. By the age of thirteen, she was diagnosed with her very first Mentis Usus [mind skill], she had become a Schizophrenic.

Her grandfather, on the other hand, had developed PTSD at the age of eighteen, though his never developed due to the insanity building up, no, his showed itself a month after a war that occured fifty years ago, many pitied him for this, no one ever spoke to him. On the day of the girl's fifteenth birthday, a special birthday in Asylumentis, her grandfather made two marionette's for his granddaughter for her to keep her conscience in, the fourteenth birthday being the day of choice and conscience.

They were beautifully crafted and soon the light and dark chose their outer shells. Somehow, the light and dark seemed to bond due to the marionette's being twins and made on the same day. Their bond somehow caused them to become animate, the marionette she called Diabolus took it's place controlling the thoughts in his granddaughter's mind, whereas the one she called Angel took it's place in her heart, though she doesn't feel comfortable with her sister controlling the mind, so she would step in every now and then to make sure the girl's mind isn't corrupted.

Vincent had thought hard all these years for a name for his granddaughter, he had always just called her "girl", but now he thought that Heart suited her best. Heart Marionette.

By the time she reached the age of sixteen, Heart's insanity had reached the same expectancy as an nineteen year old, whilst her intelligence was that of an eighteen year old's, hers was developing much quicker, this was not a good thing, her body was not ready to handle this much insanity, the intelligence was fine though, but her grandfather worried greatly.

Heart began to become very ill, her body would shake violently, she would constanly throw up, her body temperature would heat up then freeze up, she'd sometime fall to the ground and begin speaking in tongues, often writing words from the conversations she'd have with herself whilst writing them, her levels of insanity were getting too high.

Vincent had no choice but to place Heart in the Asylum of Maintenance, a place where a person's insanity can be highered or lowered to its expectancy. She was placed in a straighjacket and put in solitary confinement to restrain her in case anything bad should happen, something that didn't seem necassary, but still it was insisted. Heart accepted this and waited for her insanity to decrease, though the darkness in her thoughts didn't help her way of thinking at all, Dia and Angel hung either side of her from the cieling, not being allowed to leave her side. Ever!

It took years for Heart's body to get used to the levels considering it never lowered when she was fourteen, her body had to grow and become stronger for it to hold it all in. Two years in solitary confinement with nothing but two marionettes to keep her company. Once her grandfather took her out of the asylum, he then sent her to Dross' Evil Academy, this being the only school fit for Heart to learn, and it was there on that she began her studies.

Religious: No religion whatsoever.

RolePlay Sample:

Dark was the night, cold was the air, across the room came an empty stare. Dark rimmed eyes gazed upon a young man, no older than eighteen, he was being stared at by eyes of sapphire blue, yet he had not yet noticed this, too engrossed in his book, a coffee mug was placed on the table he sat at.

Dry lips were slowly licked from across the outside cafe, obsidian black hair fell in the face of the girl who sat oddly at her table, watching the boy's actions, his were much different than her own, it somewhat confused her. He sat straight with his feet to the ground, whereas she sat somewhat like a gargoyle, her arms hugging her knees, she wasn't the average kind of person to ache after a while of sitting like it.

Just then, she twitched and reached into her bag, pulling out two marionette handles, two small heads popped out of the girl's bag that sat on the table, colours of white and blue came from one, red and black came from the other, the girl silently looked down at them, blinking slowly. "Is it too cramped?" she asked simply, her head twitched to the side suddenly, but then resumed to staring at the live marionettes that hid in her black bag, only their heads were seen by the girl.

"No, dear, not at all," the white haired marionette spoke gently, her head tilt to the side, obviously unable to lift it up straight due to not being held up by her strings, the black haired marionette simply remained quiet, not that she could talk anyway because of the stitches that kept her lips together, her eye twitched as a wide yet disturbing smile plastered her animate features.

"Dia not like it in bag?" she asked innocently like a small child, Dia's head immediately snapped in Heart's direction, staring widely at the mention of her name, Heart tilt her head to the side, staring back.

"It is very cramped in there..." came a dull voice in Heart's mind, Dia was speaking to her through thought, Heart twitched in her seat slightly, she spoke softly to the marionette. "Sorry, Dia... just for..... now, okeday? Can'ts have people..... seeing yew, dey won't..... understand," her voice was rather childish as she spoke, she found herself pausing quite a bit as her eyes stared blankly at the table.

Her body jolted slightly as she randomly just shoved Angel and Dia back into the bag and zipping it up, not paying attention to Angel's muffled cries. Almost immediately, Heart jumped out of her seat and walked strangely over to the boy she had been staring at. Her palms placed onto the table and she vaulted herself onto the table, this caused the boy to jump in shock, his book fell to the floor, he was just about to pick it up until he met Heart's gaze, she was staring intensely at him.

The young man seemed lost for words at that moment, it took him a good five minutes before he plucked up the courage to speak to her. "Uhm... hello?" he stammered a little, Heart just stared at him as if he was something strange, then again, he stared at her in the same way.

"Can I help you?" he asked, quite calmly, but suddenly jolted as Heart pounded her fist against the table. "Neh! No one can help me! The question is if you really want to help, otherwise if you were just saying that without the intention of helping, that would make you false..... I like your tie, where'd you get it?" she said, her attention was soon turned to his red tie around his neck, she failed to notice that this man was now feeling slightly creeped out by this girl.

"Is your jar empty?" she abruptly asked, he was caught off guard by this. "M-My jar?" he stuttered, now not sure what to make of her, Heart didn't answer him, she just continued speaking. "My jar is always sometimes, maybe never or forever half empty, or maybe half full!" she began to knock on her head, she groaned as it started to hurt "I think my jar ish filled with lotsa sharp pokey things 'cause it makes it hurt a lot, I no like!"

"Uhm, your ja-?" the young man was soon cut off as Heart jumped off the table and began to walk away. "Musts fill up jar with marshmallows! 'Twill make it fluffy and comfytible," a wide look in her eyes showed a rather possessed determination as she hugged her bag tightly, she had to go home to stop the sharpy hurtyness.

She just left the young man there, confused... and lost for words. "Strange girl..." he muttered before picking up his book and progressing his reading.


Theme Song:


Black Bag - Just a simple bag where Heart keeps Dia and Angel on occasion, along with her special things that she finds or owns.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Crushes/Love Interest: None.

Likes: Dia and Angel, Making Marionettes and Her Own Clothes, and Playing the Piano and Violin.

Dislikes: People Touching Her, Idiots and Morons, Cracks in Mirrors, and Imperfection.

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