Confession of the Dark

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Confession of the Dark

Post  KriiVanWinters on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:04 am

Miss Knollitia, sitting in her chair typing on her computer with a content look to her face, her white skin flawless and healthy. Her long lavishing red hair, flickering from side to side from the motions of the air-conditioning. "I wonder who will come visit today." She says in a light tone of voice, as if innocent though her appearance says other wise. Her large breasts laying ontop of the table, a light sigh comes from her rosey red, lushus lips. Her light yellow eyes scanning the screen of her computer in search of something to entertain herself.

"It's honestly...A little dull...Either I stay here as a medical vesision...Or..." A memory comes to her mind of the perverted OverLord Dross. "Never again..." She shudders from sheer thoughts of what the past came to be when she first met him.

(HeadMaster Dross in memory)

She shudders once more from the mere thought of him. "Ohh...Of all the people to be the Lord of the Netherworld it had to be THAT GUY!" She points suddenly to a poster of him.

"..." She releases a sigh looking down with a light smile, "Well at least he's the strongest of us...It just shows he's the boss for a reason..." She pauses clinching her fist. "What the Hell am I saying?!"


Nyx walks by the office room ,hearing the smashes and shouts of Miss Knottalia inside. "Ohh..." in a very innocent and light tone of voice. "Miss Knottalia must have been thinking about father again..." He carries on walking through the corridoor, "Thats a shame..."

(Back in the medical room)

"Ahh...Forget it..." She says to her self in the heat of the moment, she then shrugs sitting down. Gently releasing a sigh, suddenly the computer makes a panic noice, as if something was wrong or the matter. Knottalia suddenly launches onto the mouse, rappidly clicking and noticing it was on Ziel's file. She proceeds to his file and notices something that isn't right with his neuto patterns.

"Ohh no..."


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